Young blood in Politics – A follow-up post.

I wrote this post on the decline of student activism a while ago. Since then, a lot has happened, more notably, Engineer-2008, and more specifically, Last Word @ Engineer 2008.

I won’t go into the details of what happened, though I really wanted to a couple of days back… I’ve somehow lost the enthu. But the point of this post is a bit of what Mr. RK Misra (winner of Lead India) said.

Someone said something about inspiring students to get into politics, and them “being the change”. Mr. Misra replied, addressing the students,

Don’t get into politics this young. Make money first. If you have your family backing you financially in this, then do go on. But not otherwise. Make money first. Politics is not a regular-paying job. You get paid only IF you get elected. You’ll have to come under a big politician at first, and all you’ll get, if anything, will be crumbs. You will be so hungry that finally when at age 40-50 you get your first taste of power, you’ll start eating, eating, and never stop eating.

Makes sense for once, doesn’t it?

I still stick to my stand. It is our duty as voters in a democracy to be as well-informed as possible so that we can make an intelligent choice. And people need to feel from a very young age that they can make a difference to the way the country runs, and that they are involved in the country’s progress. Being disillusioned with the country and scurrying off abroad like rats deserting a ship helps you, perhaps, (I am not grudging people who leave the country for better opportunities abroad – I just feel the general feeling that there are no opportunities left in India and that going abroad is the only key to more opportunities needs to be changed. And fast) but is not really going to help the country.
And you need to stay informed, coz it’s not like you’ll suddenly be the paragon of awareness and conviction on your 40th birthday otherwise.

Oh, and catch CNN-IBN this evening (24th Feb 2008) 6 PM. A report on Last Word is being telecast. Watch maadi They Stabbed.

(Aside: As for the press person covering Last Word who called another national newspaper a porn rag and went on to say his paper went against the tide by denouncing the “India Shining” campaign when everyone was lapping it up… your leftist paper is no different, and the motives behind your denouncing of India Shining was no different from the motives the er.. “porn rag” has when it’s running with the hares and hunting with the hounds.

And these opinions, I assure everyone are mine and my own, and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of my friends, or blogmate, or my college.)

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6 Responses to Young blood in Politics – A follow-up post.

  1. Siri says:

    Completely agree with RK Mishra. I was very skeptical about the guy. I have watched only 20 minutes of all of the Lead India series and the fact that RKM was highly objective and never loquacious totally upped his points on my perception-meter.
    Thumbs up. Considering it is The Times, He is a good catch. (Contestant number 9, I don’t like your suit. You will be eliminated! I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear Javed Akhtar say that in some arbit episode πŸ˜› Talking of JA, did you know people say he wrote The *Maut ka Saudagar* *Smirk*)

    Now all of India will (vopefully) idolize RKM, the Times will make sure he gets interviews with Karan Thapar and kids around in colleges will say he is their favorite politico. Even Bangalore Times will run pieces on him.

    All that is perfectly okay with me. Better RK Mishra than Prasad Bidappa.

    One needn’t go abroad only because one is disillusioned with things back home, alva, Graduate Education is top notch in a lot of countries while it is not so, here.Ergo, people head to where they get the best Maal, in this case, I mean education. A lot of friends believe that The USA still is the best place for research and higher education, their natoinalist fundae not withstanding. Asking people to put the State before the(ir) individual(preferences) reeks of _____. RK Mishra spent a lot of time abroad as well πŸ˜› But yea, Non Returning Indians are a pain. BTW, idu noDi:

    Yea Rajghatta is the serial Pro-Greencard-League’s Self appointed marketing Manager. He has a point, somewhat though.

    We must talk about this, on different terms, sometime though. I’d love to listen to what you think about (a lot of other) stuff. πŸ™‚

    PS- Phirsht! πŸ™‚

  2. Siri says:

    ^^^^ In keeping with the Long Rambling Comment tradition πŸ˜›

  3. wanderlust says:

    yay! finally comment πŸ™‚
    i hadn’t watched Lead India, but man, Misra plays to the gallery and how! though it was an irritating overdose of showmanship for me, i’m sure you need to be like that to make sure you are heard by everyone, and that everyone atleast thinks about what you just said.
    that man’s got his priorities right. he’s a man with a plan. he works _within_ the system to make it work for him.
    abroad… yeah.. going abroad is fine by me. but what irks me is that we have been too used to thinking that good stuff is never to be found in India, and that lands of opportunity lie abroad. And that an air ticket out of the country is the best thing that can ever happen to one.
    that article gets my hopes slightly up.

    javed akhtar.. he said in an article that if he had to write the speech, he would have used a stronger term… maut ka saudagar according to him is too mild. wellll…….

  4. Siri says:

    Ayyo. Akthar, Azmi all royal pains I say.

    Showmanship? Funny, in the episode I watched(the last one), he was almost oblivious to the people around him and only talking when he felt like it. Almost an illusion of a very general disregard for the audience, it seemed to be.

    RKM has done some decent shyte before he got onnto Lead India as well. The others were all too dramatic IMO.

  5. wanderlust says:

    I haven’t watched Lead India. From what I saw of RKM, he seemed pretty tuned to how the crowd would like his food-for-thought statements put across to them. pretty appealing guy, i should say, though his dismissing of politicians was largely (mis)interpreted as cynicism.

  6. VIkram says:

    Nice post, I am an Indian graduate student here in Austin, USA. One of my friends, who is doing his undergrad here got an internship in NAL (Bangalore) for the summer. When I told this to a fellow Indian grad student, she said “He is going to work in INDIA???”, as if my friend had just accepted an invitation to hell. And then she just turns away, this was inspite of the fact that she probably got an admit here because of her work with ISRO ! While it is true that being in any foreign environment helps u grow as a person, it does not make you better than others, especially if the others are trying to do something much more difficult. Non Returning Indians, especially the ones that use Indian universities (for which Indians pay taxes) to get here and then just complain about how everything in India sucks, really make me sick

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