Last Inci – First Day. And farewell to S. Rangarajan aka Sujatha

Now Listening to: Some darn good fusion version of Raghuvamsha Sudha by an unknown artiste.

The day started off not very good, and YouKnowWhoYouAre (I suppose you prefer you_know_who_you_are), if it’s any consolation, I feel really horrible about how I started off my day, and possibly, your day.

Anyway…. getting to Inci Day 0….

I slept through Slam Dunk!‘s inaugural basketball match, and woke up just in time to have dinner and head to Bandish. Earlier on, when I’d not yet bothered to check the Inci schedule, Maloo told me about Bandish. We’d assumed it was a performance by The Bandish Projekt, (they’d released a song/album called Bhor a long, long time ago, which should have been called Bore according to me) who IMO sound like absolut losers. But heck, it turned out to the Eastern Musicals 🙂

Shiny, Kosu and I took turns getting photographed under the bulbs hung by the way which were covered with really ni-i-ice lampshades, trying to look like we had some bright ideas. People nightouted last night making the lampshades… and the result it turns out is FANTABULOUS.

[pic to be put up soon]

Eastern Musicals @ Inci this time surpassed everything I’d seen before. The average quality of the performances was very, very high this time. Not a single performance could be called boring, or sub-standard. Every band was able to keep our attention, and most managed to impress 🙂

NITK’s performance was, as usual, brilliant, with talented performances by all, and a great choice of songs, which were both crowd-pullers as well as which showcased our best. We came third.

The second prize was bagged by BMS. Quite a departure from their previous years’ performances, this one was. The singers all seemed to be trained in Classical Vocals, and it showed in both their excellent performances and choice of songs. Guys, your brilliant performance would have been better appreciated by the crowd if only you’d chosen better songs, songs which people knew.

And…. one of the bands did a bloody massacre of Pal by Strings and Sagarika (They did it WITHOUT THE VIOLINS!! How could they!), and another one butchered Dum Mast Qalander, after which I messaged a friend saying “Yeah… the next band will also come, they’ll play my favorite Indipop number in such a way as to completely ruin the evening for me..”. And as it often happen, I was proven wrong. No, make that WRONG.

This band takes stage, starts off playing Paisa by Agosh. That’s enough for me and Tuna, we’re already impressed. They didn’t have to do that svelte transition from Dhoom Pichuk to Sayonee, or sing Luka Chuppi. But that original number which was a fusion of Hindustani, Carnatic, and Western… phew! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large standing ovation EVER in Eastern Musicals (or Western, for that matter) before!

Message for the team from BIT: Never before have everyone unanimously felt that someone deserved the first prize. Here are some of the nice things people were heard saying about you guys:

“What a lead singer da! He holds the whole show together!”

“Man! That lead singer guy is totally in control!”

“Whoa! What a goodlooking backup vocalist” – they meant the guy in the green kurta.

“If I’d not known Dhoom Pichuk was different from Sayonee, I would have thought they were the same song”.

“Perfection, da”.

Paisa! Don’t think any other band has had such guts in the past”.

“They made my day”

And a request from The NITK Numbskulls, and our friends: Could you please, please, give us an audiofile of your original composition?

And I’ll say it again… You guys were godawesome.


I came back and among my feeds [from LazyGeek, who is THE biggest fan of Sujatha I know, and has the privilege of Sujatha himself commenting on his blog. LazyGeek has closed down both his blogs for the next one week as a mark of mourning], found one that informed me of the sad demise of S. Rangarajan, the guy who supervised the design and production of Electronic Voting Machines in India, and who is more popularly known as Sujatha, the author of over 100 novels, 250 short stories, ten books on science, ten stage plays, and a slim volume of poems. He is better-known for his scripting of movies like Iruvar, Boys, Kannathil Muthamittaal, Sivaji, Aayutha Ezhutthu.

All I knew of him were his movies, my inability to read Tamil coming in the way of my appreciating his writing otherwise. His dialogues were so realistic, so full of life, the sort that struck a chord in you and stayed with you for days, or maybe even years. One dialogue that comes to mind from Aayutha Ezhuththu: Esha Deol tells Surya, “Enna ni, enna oththrum-illaada theatre-ko, Pondicherry-ko kootindu poegaama edho oru graamathuku aleichindu porai….”

Tamil cinema has suffered a great loss. And like Vishwas put it, Director Shankar has a dog’s chance of ever having another hit to his name.

Personally, I feel a loss, for he was not just a talented and prolific writer, but an engineer as well, and hence, to me, a role model, an idol, an ideal to live upto. If I ever end up learning to read Tamil, Mr. Sujatha, it will mainly be to appreciate your stories and other works of fiction.

From what little I know of him, he seemed to have led a full life, and accomplished a good bit in both his chosen careers. May your soul rest in peace, and may your legacy and huge body of work continue to inspire people like me.

And on that note, Mr. Rangarajan, I bid you adieu.

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8 Responses to Last Inci – First Day. And farewell to S. Rangarajan aka Sujatha

  1. Swati says:

    Yeah..I am with ou Priya.
    BIT’s performance was godawesome,especially the last song complete with the thani-avartanams, bruhas, ginjra (also played by the lead red-kurta lead vocalist, proving his versatility)and tabla.The best part was the absolute ease and effortlessness with which the song was rendered. He truely deserved a standing ovation!!Congratulations BIT!!

  2. Siri says:

    Great! Thanks for making me feel like a moron.

  3. wanderlust says:

    awww… siri… take it easy, girl!

  4. Arjun says:

    Oh BMS came second? Yay for my college(alma mater).

    Sujatha died? Didn’t hear about it anywhere. Of course, I haven’t been watching Sun News that regularly for the past…one year. Sad news. I don’t remember this Aaytha ezhuthu line you’ve put up, but he did have memorable ones in other movies. Long live.

  5. Arun says:

    Inci is amazin fun..I think the other inci days deserver a post too, especially the ‘pulse’ night 😉

  6. Arun says:

    Inci is amazin fun..I think the other inci days deserve a post too, especially the ‘pulse’ night 😉

  7. Logik says:

    Expecting a pulse and KK review soon… If possible put Maiyya’s medusa pic ..

    BIT was jus super-cool. That guy was one hell of a performer.. Screw the guys who couldn’t grasp the classical portions of their performance.

    And you’re absolutely right about Paisa. It was truly ballsy of them to perform that song, and the fact that the crowd loved it, speaks about the quality of the rendition.

    I was one of many who congratulated the team, and the singer after the performance. He bought himself many fans that day.

    @lead singer from BIT:If you’re reading this, ” Inci’09 wants you back. ”

    Inci was jus too good. And a true trend-setter.

  8. wanderlust says:

    that was just the beginning…. BMS did pretty well in a good number of events.

    been ages since I watched Sun TV, too…. but I subscribe to a lot of blogs by Tam bloggers, hence….
    done. guess you checked
    yes, put up. Along with the medusa pic.

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