Aaaand…… the rest of my Last Inci as a student at NITK – An Incident – 08 post

Warning: Long post ahead, with pics.

Day 1 of Inci started off quite nicely with India Quiz. This guy and this guy had put together a nice set of questions for the prelims. “Good questions”, I complimented Vishwas, to which he replied “Wait till you listen to the answers”. The answers ranged from Antaragni and Raghu Dixit to Idli to Mohammed Haneef to IIT Roorkee…. and finally in our final year in our final Inci, Swati, Tuna and I made it to the finals. It was an enlightening one, where we got to know that Deepa Mehta’s Water is loosely based on Romeo and Juliet, and that Rajaji wrote Maithreem Bhajatha. Those apart, it was pretty slick, especially the connects, and we had a great time though we didn’t win.

Inauguration was replete with the Best of Bharat Darshan (Bharat Darshan is a programme NITK holds every Republic Day to showcase our cultural diversity) setting the stage on fire, and the UV dance. As it happens every year, us FinalYear girls were all looking our best in sarees and the evening extended into a long photo session ๐Ÿ™‚ And…. Crossfade – the DJing contest, didn’t quite go down well with me; I’d been roaming around for too long and was way too tired. Early night for us.

Day 2 was the big day. The KK Concert. Or, in keeping with my dislike for redundancy, The KKoncert. I took one look at the Lone Wolf question paper, and gave up. Watched JAM prelims. Pretty entertaining, after some experienced folks started jamming. Nice work by the JAMmasters. Tried my hand at it, got extremely lucky, but guess I need more practice.Concert that evening. I reached late… colossal mistake I made there. The front rows were too crowded. Squeezed in next to Prat and Prag somehow.A really really sad opening act, so sad that it was pretty tragic to watch people groove to those songs. I don’t remember what they were called, but they seemed to be the sorts who perform at weddings of tasteless people. The singers were sad imitations of Kannada playback singers who think they can sing anything and everything well. And one of them was this fat bald man in a black – no other word for it – costume, and sunglasses – no, I guess he’d call them cooling glasses. The look seemed to be inspired by Mr. Wallace in Pulp Fiction. It was hell the way he sang, and you’d think he too, like Mr. Wallace had sold his soul to the devil and the deal had gone horribly wrong.

As if that was not enough, they had a bunch of dancers who looked like some out-of-work extras from the Kannada film industry. These dancers had a name, to boot – The Skyrockers.Oh, and our Dean took stage, gave us respite from the singers-and-dancers-from-hell, with his Sapnon Ki Rani.

The hell-rockers had sufficiently irritated me that I took a break and decided I’d come back only for KK. Colossal Mistake #2. When I came back, I found that my place was taken, and there was hardly any place for my feet, even. The only reason I didn’t fall down was because of the crowd around me – felt like ants in hibernation. Thankfully it wasn’t a very sweaty night. There was hardly any place to swing your head in tune to the music, or dance around like we’re prone to do, simply because there was no elbow room, and all you could do was stay still.

And in my case, take pictures and videos. I really wanted to shoot KK up close. I was rewarded amply, I guess, for all that I had to endure.Guess everything happened such that I would appreciate KK a lot.

And I guess we all did.What energy he possesses! What talent! There’s nothing else that can transfix a crowd of close to two thousand (unsure of the stats… correct me if need be) to stand around grooving to a short, stocky, not-so-young man with a face and build so common you wouldn’t notice him if you saw him on the street, who was dressed in jing-jang Tshirt and jeans.

It is in the concert I felt the difference between an artiste/singer and a performer. And why some people are more successful than the others. Why KK is such a successful singer – his dedication, his effort, his talent, all shine through. His crowd chemistry is amazing. He knows what we want, and gives it to us. And with such a passion and love of performing. He seems to be enjoying himself at his concert so much that it’s infectious.And what a voice! It is just like the guy-next-door, at the same time, so mature, so full of feeling, so straight-from-the-heart. For once, the voice at the concert sounded like the audio file of very, very high quality. The voice makes you appreciate the song. The voice doesn’t overshadow the song. It blends in so well with the rest of the song that you feel no one else and nothing else could have made the rendition better; it is the best you can get. Unlike singers like Shankar Mahadevan whose voice and personality is heard, and feels like “Shankar Mahadevan is singing some song”, not “The song is so lovely”.

You could simply close your eyes, not watch the energetic singer prance around the stage and enthuse you with his spirit, and still manage to enjoy the concert. Tadap Tadap was so full of feeling, and tugs at the heartstrings much, much more effectively than the one we hear on the HDDCS soundtrack. So was Sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana.

Nostalgia and romance never had it so good, as they did with Pal, Yaaron Dosti, and Tu Aashiqui Hai. His high-energy tracks like Aapki Dua, [which, by the way, is my favorite KK song], and Uyirin Uyire had us up on our feet. He talked about his college days and sang Summer of ’69. He wound up with It’s the Time to Disco and Koi Kahe.

I would have loved to see Banda Yeh Bindaas performed… but then, two of my alltime favorites – Aapki Dua and It’s the Time to Disco had been sung… so I’m not complaining.

We came back wishing it had gone on for much longer, but hell, we were so tired after it all, wonder where KK gets his energy from, and if he had gone on for any longer, would he have had any energy left for it, or come to think of it, would we have!

I got a few videos, of Pal, Aapki Dua, Disco, Koi Kahe. I can’t upload it onto Youtube thanks to Ironport from Cisco. It’s on the LAN, though. Here are a few pics:

KK in concert at Incident โ€˜08 NITK KK in concert at Incident โ€˜08 NITK KK in concert at Incident โ€˜08 NITK KK in concert at Incident โ€˜08 NITKKK in concert at Incident โ€˜08 NITK

Day 3 started off with Centerstage, the dramatics contest. There was a really nice play from RVCE [I think], and the next one was NITK’s comedy. Great effort by everyone, and the result was pretty good, as we all saw. Nice mix of elements from various movies and series like Blackadder and personalities like Johnny English, Woody Allen, Bob the Butler…

Watched a bit of the Debate finals… dunno why, I’ve begun to feel most people are incapable of analyzing issues properly, and I’ve come to feel debate, while being an art by itself, is insufficient as a method of analyzing an issue in depth. Then there was Mock Press, with personalities like Britney, R2D2, Mojo Jojo and Johnny Bravo. The participants, as far as I watched, weren’t entertaining enough. There was a completely local Britney, who was introducing herself with a Wiki article-style explanation, and talked so sadly that Maloo exclaimed, “She’s Britney-amma!”. And heck, Tuna, Pubali, we should have worked on the Cartoons Club idea… people can’t do a Mojo Jojo accent, nor can they talk of anything apart from World Domination as far as Mojo Jojo is concerned.

Crossie was quite simple, but my teammate and I still managed to screw it up bigtime, thanks to our being so out of form. Our low mood was alleviated by news of Swati getting an admit from Columbia (Congrats again, girl ๐Ÿ™‚ )

We watched Gili Gili Magic by Shankar and troupe. Tejasvi aka Shankar Jr. really rocks – I used to catch his show on Doordarshan – and is so fit and goodlooking and youthful that you won’t believe he’s thirty. One thing I noticed about the troupe – they like to keep things within the family. I guess that is quite essential in a competitive profession like Magic. As for how competitive it can get, watch The Prestige.

Then was Pulse, the semi-pro Nite, along with a performance by Bhoomi. Heck, we need more girls attending this event. There was this band from Chennai with a leadsinger who looked like he couldn’t say boo to a goose, and who’d worn a checked formal shirt. Laughs from audience. Then he says “Check!” in a deathlike voice, and makes a face and bares his teeth in a manner reminiscent of Dr. Hannibal Lecter …. audience bows. Next, he switches to demure voice that says “More guitars on the monitor please”. “Whoa! Look at that context-switch time!” I say.

And then there was Slain from Bangalore with a drummer who’s studying in -wait for it- class 9.

I missed Sixth Element as I had to pass on my keys to someone, and came back for Washed Clothes from Chennai. Really awesome female lead singer. They got a lot of rave reviews and oohs and aahs.

Then Bhoomi. They didn’t play as popular covers as Galeej Gurus did last year; they played a lot of originals. Here’s a pic:

Bhoomi Guitarist silhouette

Really thin crowd. Which was, in a way, good. Some really passionate headbanging was seen. The first pic here is on request from Logik. Not for the faint of heart.


I got back with a pain in the neck….. but heck, I guess this might possibly be the last time I get to be in the front row of a metal concert. Possibly even the last time I’m in the front row of any concert… it normally is sheer hell for girls. And many thanks to all you great guys – Logik, P, Arun, Maiya, Pondi, Varun…. I had one great evening.

Last day of Inci – 08…. passed off without incident. Except when Swati, Sudarshna and I were coming back from the digital photography workshop (for dummies, to be frank), and when we entered the Girls’ Block, suddenly, an egret (Not too sure… just take a look at the pics and tell me what it is) flew in and landed in front of us. We all had our cameras on us, and immediately started snapping away. We were apprehensive about how the bird would take it, when another one landed really close to us! They posed, looked at the camera, and didn’t seem to mind us one bit! They snapped up insects in their long yellow beaks, they pecked away at the dry grass, they didn’t even mind when we got really close – I didn’t even need to zoom in. How often does it happen, when you have a full sun, a camera, two birds who don’t mind being photographed?


And these pics had certain far-reaching consequences characteristic of me, but completely unexpected… never mind, anyway.

I thought I’d have an early night and ditch the fashion show, but as it happened, I went out for a lassi and thanks to P, ended up with breakfast at Thadambail – according to Logik, this is the biggest darned crowd Thadambail has ever seen – every Thomas, Richard and Harold seemed to be there that morning.

All in all, my last Inci was a lot of fun. It wasn’t the best Inci I’ve had, but it’s certainly the most memorable, thanks to so many never-before and so many never-after experiences. After Engi, I began getting into the Senti mode, but now it hits me even harder, and there are only 45 more days of college left. I now know which of my friends matters most to me, I now know what my limits of tolerance are. I appreciate the best in my pals even more now, and I accept their worst without question, as they do to me.

Like one of my friends said, it’s time to optimize. And plan. And make a list of last _____ ____s. Like “Last arbit pic of main building”. “Last Some-Like-It-Hot”. “Last ……….”

My eyes are misting over………

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6 Responses to Aaaand…… the rest of my Last Inci as a student at NITK – An Incident – 08 post

  1. Siri says:


    Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened(I used that in an essay last week ๐Ÿ˜› ) And head-bang too!
    Sounds like awesome fun. Guess who else’s eyes are misting over ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    and KK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous, you have NO idea.
    Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Logik says:

    Sob… Sob….
    Fultoo senti post…

    KKoncert was jus too good. And while you were struggling for space, I was jumping on the stage, along with him..[ added for xtra effect]. This performance pleased ’em all , after our highly ‘knowledgeable’ crowd outrightly rejected Indian Ocean, last year.

    Headbangers of the world unite. Thnx a million for putting up maiyya. I sure hope, he is pissed off.
    Overall, A Nice review.

    Started to write this comment, too many issues popped in. Hence shifted base.

  3. wanderlust says:

    I don’t think you’re in FinalYear, so I guess i can console you with “it’s okay…. there’s always a next time..”.
    It’s okay, there’s always a next time, and Inci-09 going to be bigger, better, and – im very very tempted to add this little inside joke – badder.
    fultoo senti? only the last bit, no?
    oh,yes, i did see you on stage. was i jealous or was i jealous.
    indian ocean… cmon… they acted like jerks at some places.
    i sure hope maiya takes it like a sport.

  4. vishfulwords says:

    Lovely review of a great fest! I mean, both the posts! You covered pretty much all the important events of the fest, and importantly, you left out all the ugly parts, for instance, the way the Shankars were treated on stage.

    And of course, the fact that this was “incident”ally your final fest was not lost on the readers [:)]

  5. wanderlust says:

    i wanted to preserve only the nice parts of my last fest…. and the negatives aren’t all left out… i’ve put in a couple of them… only, they don’t sound like negatives.

  6. Nice review! Me and Logik a.k.a Abhishek have covered the ugly parts in our blogs, so no tension! ๐Ÿ™‚

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