I’ve often noticed that I don’t remember common everyday things. And I simply don’t try to… Google’s there no? If anything, I’m rather proud of it…. mark of genius, my sister says…. I choose to ignore the sarcasm and accept the text.

Like this morning I was talking about my project, and I forgot the word ‘bioinformatics’, (which I just needed to use fleetingly in conversation) and instead blabbed on about protein sequences, using suffix trees, predicting gene expression, hidden Markov models, and what not.

Once in the past, I’d forgotten Colin Firth’s name, and had to Wiki for it.

I once had to hear this: “You’re probably the only girl in the world who can’t recognize Tom Cruise in a fraction of a second, and mistake him for George Harrison”.

I’d once heard a godawesome World AIDS Day song. And when I was describing it to my friend, he asked me for the artiste – I promptly blabbed on about Heaven, Hell, Angels, Satan, Judgement Day….. the artiste? Peter Gabriel.

I forgot the name of a B-school in the US once…. and instead started muttering cornflakes… chocos…

It has often happened that on bus routes, when the conductor reaches me, I give him the exact change needed to get to Jayadeva from Banashankari, and still say “Ahhh………”. Some folks used to this say “Olle channagide… daily adhey routealli bartira, tirga marth hodri”.

I was discussing Shashi Tharoor’s The Great Indian Novel, and I said Pandu was mapped to … er…. what’s the guy’s name…. the Azad Hind Radio guy….. his wife is Emily Schenkel… his daughter’s 63 years old now…. she’s a professor of Economics… her name’s Anita Pfaff-Bose…. Oh, yeah! Bose! Truly the forgotten hero, nein?

A similar one was “Heck… what’s that Black female’s name… Mark Twain got folks to sponsor her education… “. I was talking of Helen Keller [Black here referred to the Amitabh-Rani starrer].

A lot of my arguments go like “Tell you what…. read <link>/<book>/<article in the newspaper xyz dated dd/mm/yy>. Rebut those arguments if you want… and then we’ll continue this discussion”.

For some idiotic reason I constantly mix up Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz… dont ask me why, I myself don’t quite know.

Just ten minutes back, I was talking to my uncle about engineering colleges in Bangalore. The “Bull Temple Road” college got a lot of praise from me.

Couple of days back, I was irritating Tuna for the correct term for a bootlicker. It struck me just as I was writing this, that the term is Sycophant. There was a time when I forgot the term called “irony”, and sadly, no one around me could understand what I was looking for.

My sister’s reading this over my shoulder, and in her usual way, fires a sharp question: What’s your name? As if on cue, I go like “uh……”.

And… I guess I need to post a disclaimer: Every single incident described here is darned true, no exaggerations whatsoever.

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9 Responses to Segfault?

  1. ish says:

    My sister’s reading this over my shoulder, and in her usual way, fires a sharp question: What’s your name? As if on cue, I go like “uh……”.


  2. rand0mwalker says:

    Jeez! You confuse Cameroon Diaz with Drew Barrymore?! I guess you must have watched Charlie’s Angels quite a few number of times that you can’t differentiate between the two!! 😛

  3. lalbadshah says:

    Happens to me all the time. 🙂

    BTW, landed on your page after quite a while. Looks good. Keep the good stuff coming.

  4. wanderlust says:

    funnily, i haven’t watched charlie’s angels!
    glad to hear it happens to someone else, too..
    use google reader.

  5. rishabh says:

    I can so understand what you mean. So many times, I even forget my pals’ name, so then I have to ask the person next to me, yeah i am talking about him, yes my best pal, yes the guy who lives in 189 vyas bhawan, …..oh yea..him. the bengali….wtf is his name again….

    Im sure that doesnt make us cruel now does it?

    Great blog btw

  6. aarthi says:

    Thats BMSCE. Bitch.

  7. Sai says:

    interesting! Link book came properly within tags.

  8. wanderlust says:

    it was also “my bestfriend’s college…. and where varun’s doing compsci… ”
    i mean.. i knew it was bmsce… the name just didnt strike me.
    link book?

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