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An EPIC saga

Nah… I don’t have a good enough post to merit this title… getting my Voter ID passed off without incident. Unless of course you count all our addresses being printed wrong, to some location that possibly doesn’t exist. Or the … Continue reading

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Emotional Baggage

So in the last one week, it became a regular feature to be at the bus stop between 9 and 10:30 pm bidding goodbye to good friends, best friends, and acquaintances, and then come back and roam around the campus … Continue reading

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Venting frust, Putting funda

So a couple of friends of mine finally decided to say balls to block timings now that we’re graduates. I don’t see the point now… Mangalore sleeps at 9:00 pm. I hated the city the moment I saw it. And … Continue reading

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I’ve also begun blogging at… Dedicated to chronicling status messages. (And maybe email sign-offs.) ‘Coz it’s about more than Available, DND and Idle. So check it out, add it to your live bookmarks, your feed reader, digg about it, stumbleupon it, reddit. Contributions welcome … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

I’ve thought and thought and thought some more on how to say farewell on my blog to the place that has been my home for the past four years. Should I mention each person I’ve known here individually? Just some … Continue reading

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NITK: First impressions

I find I’ve not really talked about the wonderful place that is NITK much on this blog. I’ve talked about the life we’ve led here, the quirks, the travails we’ve had to face, the fun we’ve had during our fests, … Continue reading

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Will blog soon.

I’ve been wanting to write on This blog and where it’s going A news item I read which says that most Jehadis are engineers A Gurumurthy column I read which talks about a Sudarshan (of RSS fame) comment warning against … Continue reading

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