An EPIC saga

Nah… I don’t have a good enough post to merit this title… getting my Voter ID passed off without incident.

Unless of course you count all our addresses being printed wrong, to some location that possibly doesn’t exist.

Or the guy with the ragged shirt and the gold chain, watch, bracelet and ring.

Or the ladies agitating that the ladies line moved slower than the gents’ one. And the policeman saying the ladies’ comp was virus-infected, and hence, slow. I offered to fix the virus with Avast, and the policeman vainly declared that no power on earth could fix the problem, and if it was so easy *mean look at me*, the nation would have developed many years back.

Nothing that really HAPPENED, or is worth blogging about. Just I don’t feel like passing up the title.

About wanderlust

just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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1 Response to An EPIC saga

  1. vishfulwords says:

    Oops.. I actually blogged about it!

    The post should have come up some time ago, but what with problems with my internet connection, I could not do much except wait to post this one.

    You said Nothing happened. I actually wrote about the same NOTHING!!!

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