So I have unlimited broadband, and freedom from Ironport.

Installed Hardy Heron aka Ubuntu 8.04 inspite of dissuasion from TheG. I simply had to… Firefox kept crashing on Gutsy (that’s the second-latest release of Ubuntu – Ubuntu 7.10 – Gutsy Gibbon… you have to be really gutsy to try it out. I was foolish.), Gutsy suddenly stopped recognizing my CD/DVD drives… and tons of issues besides. Hardy is faster, Firefox 3 is simply brilliant… but my system doesn’t hibernate… and TheG, you’re welcome to say “I told you so”.

By the way, Donald E Knuth uses Ubuntu.

All that apart, I stumbled on to this link which tells you how to write a Firefox search plugin.

I’ve always wondered how come there hasn’t been a Google Image Search plugin when there’s a Google Search plugin.

So here it is…. ImageSearch.

Pretty simple to use… just runs Google Image Search on whatever string you enter in the Firefox search bar.

Just click on the link. It takes you to a page where you have a single link. Just click on the link (Don’t open it in a new tab or window). It installs the search plugin for you. Oh, did I mention, you need to be using Firefox for all this to work successfully. I don’t quite know what happens with other browsers; I don’t have any others installed that I could try it out.

It was pretty simple to write, too. Ten minutes is all it took from start to finish. My code looks like this:

<!-- My first firefox plugin
I wrote this on 30.4.08

description=" Image Search"
<input name="q" user>
<input name="f" value="q">
<input name="hl" value="en">
<input name="sourceid" value="Mozilla-search">

So…. what more can I do with this? Do install the plugin, a few seconds is all it takes… try it out, and tell me what’s screwing up with it, what more would you like to see in it… and any gen comments you might have.

I still have no idea on most things about this… like versions and updates, but I hope to be finding my way about these things soon.

The most exciting thing I’ve heard of with search plugins is someone writing a Firefox search plugin to post updates to Twitter. Bril, eh? Pity Twitter no longer lets you post via this plugin.

Update: I added two more… one for Youtube Videos, another for Youtube Channels. Check ’em out here.

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9 Responses to Fire-on.

  1. ish says:

    Wow, I’m lost..and I call myself a geek. 😛 No, I don’t actually.

    But all the Linux releases do confuse me sometimes. I haven’t ever used it for one. Maybe someday.

  2. hallidude says:

    try the plug ins ” cooliris ” and ” piclens”

    PICLENS will surely take your breath away

  3. Karthik says:

    Neat. Just the push I needed to move to Hardy. (Gutsy’s starting to crack up here too- volumes don’t mount, Trackerd devours CPU cycles, and the like.)
    Personally though, it seems like much more fun to write plugins for emacs-w3m with lisp than to twiddle with the big red vulpine pyromaniac.

    “By the way, Donald E Knuth uses Ubuntu.”
    and Linus uses Fedora, if we’re choosing sides. Unless you’re on a source based distro, I don’t see any difference between the outfits.

    (As a side-note, what version of WordPress does this blog use? The tags (“mycroft”?), timeline and related posts section are _very_ engaging.)

  4. wanderlust says:

    just try it once. you might just choose to ditch your windows partition immediately after.
    the hardy heron install cd comes with this cool app called wubi, which allows you to install ubuntu like a windows app, which you can use to try ubuntu from windows itself, without the hassle of new partitions etc etc. you might want to start with that.
    and you can order the CD online.. it’ll be shipped to you for free.
    or you can download it if you can’t wait three/four weeks. 700 mb iso image.

    cooliris is seriously cool…. but sadly piclens isnt supported for linux.

    how about for pidgin?

    version of wordpress? this is on
    check out the blogpost on the official wordpress blog talking about the related posts section.

  5. Yeah Hardy is nice.
    Much faster with nautilus. 🙂 But yeah, FF 3 still has bugs – memory leaks that go way beyond 100Mb of your RAM (touched 220 MB RAM once for me). If you are using a lappy, hibernation can be easily enabled, by playing around with your power settings a little bit. It could also be a problem with Compiz – look at
    While blatantly criticizing Compiz it is important to keep in mind that Compiz is ages ahead of Vista’s Aero and Mac’s ____
    All said and done Ubuntu Rocks 🙂 (I use a custom compiled Hardy on my desktop)

    But yeah, there is a *much* simpler way of doing a google image search, and any search for that matter. I wonder why not too many people use it.

    Just open say right click on the search box, and say add a Keyword for the search. Give it a keyword say, “i”

    Then if you wanted pictures of Jimmy Page, all you would do is hit Ctrl + L and type in the location bar “i Jimmy Page”

    I usually have g set to google, i for images, w for wikipedia, y for youtube, the likes..

  6. Tuna Fish says:

    eeet eeeesssss working !!!

  7. Karthik says:

    “how about for pidgin?”
    Never tried; going through the libpurple source code isn’t a very appealing task (nor is coding in C).

    “version of wordpress? this is on”
    Oops- didn’t know hosting site(s)) auto-updated wordpress(the publishing suite) versions. If indeed that is what is happening.
    (And as a side note, I believe there exist ways to post to Twitter from the command line. Much more exciting than a Firefox plugin, no?)

  8. wanderlust says:

    hmm… cool way. thanks!
    zehr gut.
    my point was that it isn’t exactly intuitive to use the search bar for posting to twitter, and someone actually thought of that… that was what i found cool about it.
    command line would be better-used and cooler anyday… though i must admit i haven’t been very much of a command line person.

  9. adityabheemarao says:

    not to start a browser-fight but in opera it would be one line to add a new search engine. you must check out opera sometime!

    i also use one for IMDB –

    the %s would be replaced by what you type in the address bar . check this out –

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