What’s in a name? Part Deux

Three years back, Tuhina had blogged about the exclusivity and uniqueness of her name. And how people get it wrong, mispronounce it and the like.

And of late, I see this:

The Joys of Having an Uncommon Name - PhD Comic

My name is nowhere near as unique or exclusive. My first name is as common as can get. And so is my patronymic. People do tend to misspell Venkateshan…. they miss out the ‘h’, but that’s about it when it comes to misspelling my name.. unlike Tuniha’s Tuhani’s Tuna’s name.

So I was feeling all nice when I saw that over the past couple of weeks, a large number of hits on this blog were through the search term ‘Priya Venkatesan’.

And then I come across a post on Nanopolitan which links to the strange, twisted case of tale of Priya Venkatesan (Nanopolitan’s Sepia Mutiny’s words, not mine).

The initial shock on reading Nanopolitan’s post was a bit too much to take, especially since I couldn’t recollect having done anything to merit adjectives like ‘strange’ and ‘twisted’…  I’ve considered the past couple of weeks of my life the zenith of boring.

Turns out I have a namesake – well, not quite… she doesn’t have the ‘h’ in her name – who teaches/taught English at Dartmouth, and who seems to be suffering from persecution mania. According to that link, she

  • Is suing her class for harassment as she feels some of her students were so unreceptive of “French narrative theory” that it amounted to a hostile working environment.
  • Feels her students were “very bully-ish, very aggressive, and very disrespectful” as “They’d argue with your ideas.”

But the most ridiculous-sounding one was

Last week, a few students in the Dartmouth writing class “Science, Technology, and Society” received a nasty shock. When they checked their inboxes, they learned that their professor, Priya Venkatesan, was planning to sue them for discrimination. Later investigations revealed that she also planned to sue the College and several faculty members, not referring to any particular episode, but mentioning the “hostility” she felt during her time as a professor and saying that “maybe it has something to do with my ethnicity or my gender.”

Oh, I don’t know… maybe this lady is quite justified in her arguments and maybe it’s just a media smear campaign to taint her good name and make her look like she’s lost her marbles… or maybe she really is one for NIMHANS… I have nil clue. All I know is I am not her she, and I’m glad as hell for it, either way.

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10 Responses to What’s in a name? Part Deux

  1. Nanopolitan says:

    Umm, all the words in “the strange, twisted case of tale of Priya Venkatesan” are actually not mine, but Vinod’s (in the Sepia Mutiny post).

    I used them, alright, but credit for that unforgettable sequence should go to the right person, no?

  2. hallidude says:

    btw u gotta watch this…….this dude is a celebrity now

  3. ish says:

    I’ve got a namesake too. His name is err..my name. But we don’t have the same surnames. That doesn’t arise because even I usually use Singh after my name and so does he. But the thing is that I’m nobody and he’s the winner of a singing reality show called Voice of India. What’s worse? He’s from my own city! What’s even worse? He’s a bad singer and he won only because the Punjabi ego came in the way and they just voted like crazies to make him win. What’s funny? I’m learning the guitar from the same teacher who taught him something..or so the teacher says.

  4. wanderlust says:

    not relevant to the post, was that?
    is ishmeet a common name? sort-of common atleast? coz if not, WOW at the same guitar teacher.
    think i’ve read those posts on your blog relating to your blog getting a lot more hits than it should, thanks to people googling for your namesake.

  5. ish says:

    Nope, Ishmeet is not a common name. There are more girls named Ishmeet than guys anyway. And getting the same teacher is not that WOW considering that music isn’t very popular in my city. There are only a handful of good guitar teachers and this one seems to be the only one in the city who has a recording studio.

    And no, my blog doesn’t get a lot of hits because of him because I don’t use the name Ishmeet much. Moreover, nobody searches for him because a)he’s not hot and b)he’s not a female.

  6. Tuna Fish says:

    I did think that you were a girl when I first saw your comments 😛
    And your URL has ishmeet in it. I suppose you blog about music a lot.. These should be influencing the search results quite a lot…

  7. Sur says:

    Lol.. thank goodness you’re not! else wouldn’t have had the privilege of knowing u! 🙂

  8. wanderlust says:

    you said it.
    the feeling is mutual.

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