Armchair Detective

Now, as a diligent citizen and Netizen, I’ve been looking at the Orkut profile of Aarushi Talwar. Scraps every minute! And a half a dozen fake profiles to go with that. For those who don’t have orkut profiles, or those reading this behind firewalls similar to Ironport, here’s what her ‘about me’ says:

m a g a totally chilled out person i love hanging arnd wid mah frndz !!ok……. wtelse … i lo lookin 8 da mirror all da tyme!! \ ok wteva… wel… i lov da person hu did da gr8 job of inventing da comp<<<>>>>> i love listenin to musik ….. i simply lorv goin to scool n loadz of oder things………..da list iz too large to mention

Bad grammar etc, but hell, she sounds like one of those countless kewl teens with a cool gang to hang out with and swank places to have birthday parties at. And you don’t get any feel of any insecurity… her class community rates her as one of the hottest chicks of her class.

Now why the hell would someone like that be in objectionable positions with a manservant? That too someone who’s so old he has a married daughter? Wouldn’t she much rather paint the town red with someone closer to her age, someone cooler, someone who can dance (Seems like the ‘in’ thing in her circle is Ashley Lobo’s dance classes)… ?

And… an overdose of Feluda, Agatha Christie and Perry Mason over the past few weeks has me thinking on this line – Everyone thinks Aarushi is the intended victim, and Hemraj the manservant was slaughtered to eliminate a witness.

But what if it was the other way ’round?

Maybe Hemraj has enemies who wanted to eliminate him. Maybe he owed someone a huge amount of cash. So Mr. and Mrs. Talwar were fast asleep after taking pills. And Aarushi was the one who heard the commotion on the terrace. Maybe she peeked, or maybe she didn’t, but someone thought she did. And it didn’t take too long to cosh her one and prop her back on her bed. Mrs. Talwar says she saw some bag-like thing on her head when she found her body… was that to ensure the blood didn’t run rivulets and prompt an early discovery?

Now when someone whose only exposure to murder is through detective novels meant for youngsters which need not really come anywhere close to reality, is able to come to this possibility pretty easily, why haven’t these buggers who smell the sweat of criminals for twenty years or more (phrase lifted from English, August) able to atleast pursue that line?

Or is it a trump card and they are holding Mr. Talwar at an undisclosed location solely because they want to settle scores with a dentist… “This is gonna hurt just a little bit” style?

PS: As I wrote this and thought of a title, I thought of this detective hero(ine) of a series of novels who’ll just solve mysteries by looking up news stories and googling out various things, sending innocent mails to suspects to gather evidence, using timestamps for evidence, using Google calendar for reconstruction of the crime timeline, clustering and classification algorithms to find out if a blog’s author or a new addition on instant messenger is the gender they claim to be, and is not a bot….. should (s)he be called ASearchEngineSpy’d’er? And have a keyboard with eight i’s?

What say about that as a webcomic?

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27 Responses to Armchair Detective

  1. Logik says:

    I haven’t been following this case so keenly. Yet I do not consider the other way round,so feasible. w.r.t justifications. Seems too childish-> which you’ve duly acknowledged in the end.

    Loved the title. Seems similar to the Dr.Strangelove character.
    That P.S description. Any day. Start working on it. Maybe not as a webcomic. 🙂

  2. Tuna Fish says:

    Ahem!! Triggers the sleuth in me …

    /Puts on her Objectivity Glasses/

    Lets get the fact right, shall we?
    Aarushi Talwar, Age 14; Class 8th; DPS Noida;
    Let me not explain the brutal crime committed;

    Now what on earth would cause a parent to SLAY his very own flesh and blood that too aided by his wife, because she objected him having an affair? And her manservant who was blackmailing …

    Now I check her orkut profile:
    Bad grammer; Incomplete Profile; Very few communities – But participates actively in each!!
    Just the average orkutter;

    Seems like an average girl …

    So was it a spur of the moment anger that caused the man to destroy his object of barrier (or something like that)..? Dint killing the manservant reduce his anger that he further proceeded to the daughter?

    We need more info here…What were the events that led to this? How were Mr. Talwar/ Mrs. Talwar / Man Servant/ TheLadyHeWasHavingAnAffairWith as people? (And many more Questions which are a pain to type here)

    Examination deferred till more evidence is obtained …

    /Comes out of it disturbed/

    You know what? I dont think the internet could not be used much to gain info about this gal, she is not net savvy… Other than Social Networks. And Orkut is one of the saddest places on earth. And it is not fine to judge a person by her orkut profile … The person is conscious of the fact that she will be judge by that and will put it the way she wants to be seen. It doesnt really give out much info. And you might come out of it completely wrong.

    And the man servant line of thought I dont think the police would have not pursued it.

    And about internet sleuthing – The case where yahoo gave out some guys info cuz she posted some derogatory stuff against sonia gandhi in that community… so it exists.

  3. ish says:

    I don’t think the police can find out much from Aarushi’s Orkut profile or even her computer Hard Disk. I don’t think she’d tell anyone that she’s having an affair with her servant and it’s improbable that she had a diary on the computer where she would pen down her thoughts in text documents and then save them.

    Your version is possible. But from the videos of the family and all, it doesn’t seem like the father wasn’t warm towards the daughter. And I’ve not understood one thing about the police’s theory. According to them, the father murdered Aarushi and that it was a pre planned thing and the mother knew about it. But if the mother knew about it, then she must’ve known about her husband’s affair too. And if she already knew that, the father had no reason to kill Aarushi. He could’ve just chucked Hemraj out of the house. It’s a weird theory.

  4. Logik says:

    @Tuna’s “The case where yahoo gave out some guys info cuz she posted some derogatory stuff against sonia gandhi in that community… so it exists.” comment
    It was Google this time actually 😦

    @ish: Apparently many people knew of the senior affair. Many servants.

    And ya, you cannot judge people by their orkut profiles. But MMS’s? I doubt.
    But be warned. Strange are the ways of the Indian Media. Do not trust anything.

  5. wanderlust says:

    i can’t see any plausible motive for father killing his own daughter, and mother abetting it.
    then again… it’s funny how things that seem so logical in a novel seem implausible when stated in real life.
    her orkut profile is the closest folks like us can get to knowing what she was like… it’s from the girl herself, not what some party with vested interest is saying. like logik says, we really can’t trust the media’s portrayal of her.
    how come the media hasn’t yet propounded the manservant theory yet? im surprised.. maybe we need to write to rajdeep sardesai 😉
    and… i wouldn’t call that internet sleuthing… at least that’s not what ASearchEngineSpiedHer would do.
    i wouldn’t say it’s ‘impossible’ that she writes a virtual diary. hmm.. now the police are (mis)interpreting her mails and chats. sad, really… they are using chat transcripts as ‘evidence’.
    the ‘senior affair’ could have been a rumour based on some stray incident. remember kantaben of Kal Ho Na Ho fame?

  6. wanderlust says:

    MMS, eh? more evidence that she wouldn’t have anything objectionable to do with hemraj.
    and… ASearchEngineSpiedHer needs a case to get started. ideas?

  7. per la gloria says:

    good forensic work could have answered many questions

    lifting fingerprints from cooler under which body was hidden and fibre from girl’s bed (if she had indeed been there with jeeves)
    +luminol to find out where hemraj was murdered, where the bloody hands and murder weapon were washed (if daddy had indeed killed them)
    washing lady says main door was open in the morning. location of house keys important. if murderer/s were outsiders, would they have the time/inclination to put the house keys back
    and yes there was a bloody hand print on the wall, anybody knows whose it was?

    tis strange how the media keeps on referring to ‘the victim’; two people died
    (if the victims had been a white teenager ‘on the threshold of life’ and an indian servant somewhere in whiteland the press there would’ve been accused of racism racism by the very people who air all those tearjerkers for ‘the victim’)

  8. wanderlust says:

    @per la gloria:
    mrs. talwar says the front door was latched from outside in the morning.
    i wouldn’t call it racism or classism or anything…. just that it’s been perceived that aarushi is the intended victim and hemraj was killed to silence the witness. so here, the story of hemraj goes for a toss.
    and.. look at it from a mediaperson’s perspective – what garners more sympathy, sassy attractive teenage girl, or old man with a married daughter?
    having said that, if a man of a lower caste is killed, the indian media makes sure that it makes it to the front page, and his caste details are plastered all over, even when that has no bearing on why he was killed.

    after reading your comment, “police are a bunch of bumbling idiots” flashes in front of my eyes in larger bolder letters than before.

  9. Swati says:

    I have been following this case pretty closely.
    What irks me the most is that Dr Nupur Talwar has given umpteen number of news channel interviews and was able to answer all questions posed (though without even an iota of tear in her eyes which in itself is quite surprising!!)…why oh why hasnt any media person asked her as to why, when she was present right in the neighbouring room, was she not able to hear any sound…..??Isnt it strange that a girl (whose head to head distance was calculated as 6 feet)was being murdered and noone heard a thing?Talk about pin drop silence!!!!!

  10. Tuna Fish says:

    uh huh?
    Agreed. The profile is the only hard evidence the general public can access. But an orkut profile is too small a window into any body’s life. Its more probable that you might come out with wrong conclusions.
    There are so many versions floating on the net that you dont know what the actual facts are. You cannot believe the media because it might be garnered by the police/lawers/the criminals themselves(Remember Billy Flint from Chicago). Cannot believe the the other article as they are theories built on already existing theories.
    you cannot say that the police are bumbling idiots, because they are not going to give out all the evidence or their theories.

    Forensic Science, Yeah. Reminds me of Rigor Mortis and the innumerable times Holmes uses it

  11. Logik says:

    @ tuna: Google gave out info regarding a male-tech chap who slandered sonia gandhi. info that is all. Ditch.

    Again, Mayawati has actually criticised the police for putting out so much information regarding an on-going case. RTI aspects aside, investigation matters are best kept secret.
    This matter has already been politicised with Renuka chaudhary doing her motherly antics for no reason. Soon, it’ll be handed over to CBI.

  12. wanderlust says:

    actually, in the cnn ibn interview of nupur talwar, she was asked why she didn’t hear anything… she says “i don’t know… we were fast asleep”.
    they had the blood soaked mattress and other evidence put in full view of the media, where people could just walk, touch and destroy any evidence. now they are making aarushi’s chat transcripts public.
    if they had anythign better than this, they would certainly have presented it.. i mean, anything’s better than forcibly assassinating a young girl’s character.

  13. per la gloria says:

    swati, i watched parts of nupur talwar’s ndtv interview; i couldn’t sit through it. i was watching a woman whose only child had been, in her own words, so brutally murdered barely a week before, calmly sitting out an interview, very composed, saying all the right things but (in my opinion) shorn of any emotion.

    of course her first suspect was hemraj; to be fair it was compounded by the fact that he was missing
    but when questioned about the alleged relationship between him and her daughter, then he became the father figure who cared deeply about the young girl’s well-being and one who would never ever do such an atrocious thing.

    call me biased but this whole case is such a sorry story – right from the beginning, from every angle

  14. per la gloria says:

    i remember a short story that i read years ago. the last prayer of a man about to be murdered is that a smart and conscientious policeman would work on his case.

    @logik, isn’t noida police under mayawati raj? why is SHE making a noise?

  15. Logik says:

    @per la gloria: Precisely. Its the fact that the irresponsible police who are drawing flak from media/citizens/talwar family, are under mayawati raj. Apparently the family has asked for a full-scale cbi enquiry.
    Also some primary reasons for that to happen soon are
    1. Mr. talwar has to be let out on monday.
    2. Public character insinuation of the girl, by the police. Genuine or not, they disturb the framework of the case, and public and media’s perception of it.
    3. Mayawati doesn’t want to handle the nonsense.

    And, the fact there is a much higher order of things in India. Political bashings between BSP and Congress have started. In fact the two parties hate each other for numerous reasons. This happens to be a very nice timepass issue for them now.

    and, ya the same thing is happening with respect to the Jaipur bombing investigations. Although one of the warring factions is different in that case.

  16. Logik says:

    Latest news: CBI has taken over the case. Has reported that UP police has done a shoddy job of it. not collected/destroyed crucial evidence etc.

  17. vibha says:

    I cant imagine anything worse than this happening to any body in this world. Losing your only child in this way and being falsely implicated for it. Can any of you put yourself in that position and imagine what it would do. God let the light shine and truth come out. Let the real killers be caught. Why is the police and CBI hell bent on proving the father to be the culprit ? just to save their ass and cover up their mistakes ? Hemraj may have been in contact with some crimminal minded people, maybe he owed money or what ever , why is the CBI not looking into this aspect ?? What about his past history why have nobody dug into it? It is somebody known to hemraj and aarushi was incidentall killed.Dr Rajesh Talwar is totally innocent and should be immediately released. The media and police owe him an apology. this has finished his life. Cant imagine such barbaric things can happen. Can his dignity be returned ? the whole family has been finished because police bungled up and media needed to create a sensation !!

  18. manpreet says:

    i am surprised at people’s conviction about the father not being the murderder. what kind of evidence is that? isnt it “barbarbic” to always falsely suspect your servants, maids or drivers and not somebody closely related to you? it is not “barbaric” to trace ur servant’s past, but definiltely ‘barbaric” to go throuh personal stuff of the rich and well to do. what makes you believe that a father could not do it? because he z the father? look up for past news. . u will find many such incidents happening in the past. and dont give the “educated people” trash. the world z in such a mess not because of uneducated or barbaric people only. child pornograpghy is the biggest example. i dont care who killed them both . . .the father or sm outsider. . .but i really believe that justice should be done to both arushi n hemraj.. . .i dnt think CBI z a cmplete fool. . .i dnt think d whole world z plotting against the family for fun or no reason at all . .

  19. manpreet says:

    and one more thing. . .y did hemraj meet a social worker to tell her about some threat to his life. . . the social worker z woking on the nithari caes. . .m sure we can trust her when she says that the servant came to meet her. . if thr was a threat the first thng wud b to tell ur employers. . .seek their help. . they r the first people to help u if something goes wrong. . y did he not tell them?. . .hw did he find that social worker’s address? who told him about her? n very interestingly y a social worker of all the people? y not police or ur employers? dnt thnk he trusted them. even i dnt knw about the social workers in my city. hw did a person from nepal for the first time here manage to find her and y?

    CBI reporst have confirmed that arushi was killed first. . .dat rules out the possibilty of her being the witness then. . .

  20. Logik says:

    I’m actually very happy that India is more morally sound than Austria. I hope the situation doesn’t change…

  21. wanderlust says:

    they have dug and dug and not found anything concrete about rajesh talwar. why can’t they give an iota of attention even to hemraj’s past? maybe there’s something there?
    and here, we are not discriminating against hemraj… he’s a victim, too. maybe he had enemies.
    and his contact with a social worker proves nothing other than that someone was after him. why didn’t he elaborate more if he was so sure he was going to be killed? he would have run away from his workplace if his life was really in danger? is that so hard? and social workers got so much of fame, it’s not so hard to contact one of them. and it’s easier to approach a social worker than the police, and it’s so much more effective than informing your employer who wouldnt know anything about what to do in such a situation.
    if mr. talwar indeed committed the murder, why would he sleep from 12 to 6? wouldnt he have cleaned up?
    the cbi report on that is on shaky ground imo… circumstantial.. just that some bloodied fingerprints found on hemraj are found clean in aarushi’s room.

    why austria?

  22. Reema says:

    U read Feluda too!!! Nice!! I haven’t met a blogger yet who reads Feluda. I think the major thing is that the parents being doctors must be knowing importance of postmortem. So how did they perform her last rites so quickly? They should have raised a hue n cry to find the murderer. Also the Noida police is to blame who didnt follow the book and destroyed evidence…maybe on the father’s bribe?? who knows? Only time will tell..I hope CBI does find the truth and not just come out with a verdict like in Rizwanur case.

  23. Found this in her testimonials..

    ur fukd……arnav ting……man!!! ur mom…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sme1 plz HELP her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is not a normal testimonial that you will get to see on ppl’s profiles.. But its there.. What do all those exclamatory marks after ‘ur mom’ suggest?? And ‘sme1 plz HELP her’! Doesn’t that show that she was in some kind of a trouble at home?

  24. wanderlust says:

    @solitary reaper:
    most of us, including me, have got into heaps of trouble with our moms, and i don’t think any of us have gone to meet our maker yet.

    and heck, if the testimonial writer really wanted to help her, she would write a better testimonial, rather, she wouldn’t have written a testimonial! she would have put it on a blog, or on a googlepage, or on her own orkut profile, a link saying “this is aarushi’s profile. her mom’s out to kill her. someone help”.

  25. wanderlust says:

    and that testimonial is dated 26.4.07… her mom took quite a long time to plan on how to discipline her daughter, no?

  26. wanderlust says:

    yes, I do read feluda… but translated, of course… i can’t read or understand bengali.

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