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Dasaavatharam – My impressions

This is coming much later than it should have. I don’t see the point of writing a review now, coz every possible point of view has been said a hundred times already on one blog or the other. Now if … Continue reading

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TV: On the control being remote and short films

I’d quite lost the TV addiction due to NITK. Apart from cricket, I’ve never watched anything in the GB TV room, thanks to the consensus there being on shows I really hate to watch, ranging from Indian Idol to K-serials. … Continue reading

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Of flicking cigarettes and flying bullets

I haven’t yet watched Dasaavathaaram; but I’m simply dying to… the reviews have more than whetted my curiosity. Then there’s one scene that I am very eager to watch. Apparently Kamal Haasan in one of his many roles (for the … Continue reading

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Something that would piss Deborah Miss off

A few weeks back, my cousin and I were in deep conversation, and in a hurry, she said something like “paying the feeses”. After the mandatory leg-pulling session with the family, the matter was put aside for later use. Some … Continue reading

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Chronicling Cartoons

I still remember the video cassette that my uncle gave me when I was seven, of a few Warner Bros. Cartoons, With Little Red Riding Hood, two bugs bunny ones, Three eggs Tom, Dick and Harry (Harry fails to come … Continue reading

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Much ado about what?

So Mr. Obama is being heralded as America’s first African-American Presidential candidate. Great, but… This man is the offspring of a white woman and a Kenyan who had enough resources to pursue his higher studies abroad. Brought up largely by … Continue reading

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Yet another blog of jokes

I come across a lot of jokes here and there. It really irks me when I’m reminded of a really good one and can’t for the hell of me recollect the punchline, or when I remember the punchline and forget … Continue reading

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