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An Observation…

One thing I’ve noticed over a couple of years is that Arts grads are more likely to support the idea of India as a “developing” country, and are less appreciative of Indian culture, and are more likely to be apologetic … Continue reading

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“It was like a cracker bursting….”

I don’t think anyone really thought Bangalore will be the target of serial blasts. Especially of serial blasts that look like they weren’t meant to take many lives. Who roams around the city at 1:30 PM? The “crowded junctions” are … Continue reading

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uhhh… joke?

Me: Open your umbrella, Its raining. Ms Unopened-Umbrella: NO!! Its not!!! Its because of the branches above!!! She wasn’t kidding, but oh!! Some one tickle my funny bone!!

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Cash-for-Vote – The Gaulish Connection

I don’t know if I read too much between the lines or what… I felt the beer scene in Rang De Basanti was from Tolstoy’s War and Peace. I also felt Jab We Met was an adaptation of Wodehouse’s Damsel … Continue reading

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A far-fetched What-If situation – The Martyring of Manmohan

Just done with the morning paper where the PM’s security arrangements for his trip to Sri Lanka are discussed. They seem quite extravagant this time, due to the Tiger threat. Reminded me of the other time there was a Tiger … Continue reading

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A Bowlful of Minestrone

You never realize what you have until…. sounds too cliched, doesn’t it? Do unto others as…. nah, this too. Absence is to love what wind is to fire…. mush-ick-y. Give ‘im an enema and ‘e’ll fit into a matchbox… there.. … Continue reading

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Another Review-Of-Sorts

Im watching ‘Bobby’ right now.Its almost the end of the movie. The hero and the heroine just jumped in to a river, after Raju’s dialogue about being stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, Maut and Zindagi as … Continue reading

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Putting some (Ad)Sense into the folks behind

The lure of lucre is a strong one indeed. Especially since getting it can be as easy as a bit of javascript on a page for which you don’t even need pay for being hosted. I didn’t much care about … Continue reading

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