Another Review-Of-Sorts

Im watching ‘Bobby’ right now.Its almost the end of the movie. The hero and the heroine just jumped in to a river, after Raju’s dialogue about being stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, Maut and Zindagi as good as maut.

The bus is moving amidst lush green fields. Grey clouds touch the leaves as they allow only diffuse sunlight through them and into the air conditioned bus. I have resigned my attention to the movie after giving up on the book that now lies on my lap. I cannot take pics as my camera is locked in the “dikki” below.

Usual 70s hindi movie. Rishi Kapoor. Dimple Kapadia. Both have acted quite well. Plot moves from one scene to the other bridge by heavy dialogue, whose logic i cannot get. Still, the undying devotion of the hero-heroine pair for each other runs ringingly through out. A plot of of a rich boy falling in love with the daughter of a poor fisherman, with the stereotypical rich father accusing the fisherman that its all a ploy to “steal” his daulat. And how, after much breaking and rejoinder of hearts and artefacts, and after much accusing and assertion of ones duty as parents, nanny and gal’s father etc, alls well. And good songs too.

Pran just called Bobby his beti. Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Pran and Mr. Braganza are walking hand in hand, down a hill with the sun setting in the background, after a motor bike chase, trekking on fancy shoes, swimming in treacherous waters, and being rescued.

Not at all a bad movie. Worth a watch. Especially if you are journeying quite a long journey, in a bus after missing a train owing to the Indian Railway’s use of the 24 hour system.

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2 Responses to Another Review-Of-Sorts

  1. Shreevatsa says:

    Missing a train is always painful, but I must say it’s worse when you miss one owing to the Indian Railways using no system at all.

  2. Tuna Fish says:

    This time, the mistake was completely mine… I miss-read 6.30 as 6.30 PM not realizing that the railways uses the 24 hour system and the lack of AM/PM meant that it was in the morning 😦

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