“It was like a cracker bursting….”

I don’t think anyone really thought Bangalore will be the target of serial blasts. Especially of serial blasts that look like they weren’t meant to take many lives.

Who roams around the city at 1:30 PM? The “crowded junctions” are least crowded then. And I won’t elucidate more on the mistakes the “terrorists” or the “mischief mongers” made yesterday, lest they be reading this and take some tips.

Anyway, I feel people just wanted to have some respite from the continuous powercuts Bangalore has to face, and so decided on such an “attack” after seeing that Bescom doesn’t shut off power when events of national interest are happening – the Trust Vote was the first time in many days we didn’t have a power cut in the evening. And sure enough, we didn’t have load shedding yesterday.

PS: Before you ask “how can you take this so lightly!”, or marvel at the spirit of my resilience, let me say the TV channels are reading too much. Times NOW was saying even after such widespread panic was seen in the city, the authorities are reluctant to call this a terrorist attack. Before you too go on an authorities-bashing spree, I’m having you know they know much more than they are letting on. Much more than the media, anyway. For instance, do any of you recollect watching an event unfolding in a pile of garbage near a school? No? Well, it did happen, and there were Kannada television reporters there. But it’s not on any English/Hindi news channel…. I really wonder why. And it’s better to go along with the authorities here… they really do seem to know what they are doing, and the best we can do is take it lightly. I know I had earlier blogged saying “Balls to taking it lightly!”, but now when we know the Government and the Police are really with us, we needn’t worry about meeting our maker before our time, and get on with life as usual, only, be more alert and show more presence of mind. Like someone’s status message goes – “(Gelatine) sticks and stones won’t break my bones….”.

PPS: I thought I’d published this earlier in the day, but as it happened, the power cut just as I hit “Publish”. It came back just in time for me to watch the defusing of a bomb outside The Forum mall on TV9. I don’t know what to feel, considering I had originally planned on catching a movie there, but plans had got shelved. And now Ahmedabad… guess power is not the reason then, coz I’ve heard there are hardly if any power cuts in Ahmedabad. Any alternative conspiracy theories, anyone?

PPPS: I agree this is a terrorist attack now that the Indian Mujahideen has accepted responsiblity for this heinous act… but you can’t blame the authorities for not calling it a terrorist (in the Al Qaeda sense of the word) attack before… there are simply too many disgruntled groups in India who are willing to take up arms for their “cause”, take these urbane naxalites for example.

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4 Responses to “It was like a cracker bursting….”

  1. Logik says:

    ” Meanwhile, thanks to the alertness of a jobless youth, the police were able to successfully defuse a crude bomb planted near Forum Mall in Koramangala. Mahesh, 21, says he saw a man in black shirt throw a box inside a flower pot. “Since the images of yesterday’s bomb blasts were still fresh in my mind, I felt suspicious and informed the traffic police”, he said… ”
    Why is the word “jobless” important here… i dont get it..
    Elsewhere, this article says unemployed.

    Good samaritan Publicity -> Mahesh-gets-a-job, or Jobless People-> Forum Mall. ?

  2. dushy says:

    Priya,I do agree about the ‘police-with-us’ concept and it is very very difficult to expect the police to be on the red alert in a country which has more a thousand cities and a zillion people.But I feel even the death of one person due to bomb blasts matter a lot.My regards for ‘All religions and their tenets’ are coming down day-by-day.I feel a religion which even speaks of violence isnt one anymore and people who still continue justifying the same arent humans anymore!

  3. wanderlust says:

    im not sure people outside of engineering colleges use “jobless” in the sense we do.
    nicely put.

  4. Prajeesh says:

    The media was unnecessarily creating hype. Bangalore was very calm and normal on that day. The people all over the country who were watching the news bulletins were more panic-stricken.

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