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BMTC: Lessons Learnt

For the past one month, my movements have been at the mercy of Bengalooru Mahanagara Saarige Samsthe. I’m astonished at the distance I’ve covered in that time… only wish they gave out goodies for frequent hangers (most of the distance … Continue reading

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I’m relatively new to the world of making poor jokes, pioneered and perfected by various others, including this guy and this guy, not to forget the Tronix class of ’08. I was recently surprised by the lines I come up with under duress … Continue reading

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I suppose I’m the last to notice, but…

I watched Madhavan’s intro scene in Kannathil Muthamittaal recently. The one where he shouts at a fan of his in the bus. Did anyone notice that the guy in the background with the oversized glasses is Siddharth Narayan (of Boys, … Continue reading

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How I Spent My Morning

No, this one’s not about what I had for breakfast. Morning-morning, I get verbally abused by some arbit BMTC driver-conductor duo for the cardinal sin of not having change, and for the even worse sin of being involved with software, … Continue reading

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Bringing Up Wanderlust

So I have had an extremely bad two days trying to discover new BMTC routes. I thought I’d chronicle them here as “Lord of the Ring Road” or “Richmond Circle – a new one every time!”, or “The Corporation Chronicles” … Continue reading

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Happy Friendship Day!

To all those of you who make my life that much more palatable, and delectable – with your scoops of sweetness, the spicy gossiping, bitter reality checks, sour fights, and astringent sarcasm. And to all the rest of you, too. … Continue reading

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