I suppose I’m the last to notice, but…

I watched Madhavan’s intro scene in Kannathil Muthamittaal recently. The one where he shouts at a fan of his in the bus. Did anyone notice that the guy in the background with the oversized glasses is Siddharth Narayan (of Boys, Rang De Basanti and Bommarillu fame)?

And I’d noticed this long before, and I suppose a hundred others have, too – Shahid Kapur is an extra in one of the sequences in Kahin Aag Lage from Taal. There are twenty others who drape cloth around Ash, and he’s the one who covers her head at the end. Of course, when I noticed that, he was just “that guy who keeps appearing in arbit ads and music videos”.

If you used to catch Get Gorgeous 5 on [V], and watched Om Shanti Om after that, you might have noticed that one of the three girls who hang around Om Kapoor was the almost-winner of the season, Gwen.

Any others, anyone? Remember, I’m not talking about cameos. Any other not-so-well-publicized appearances in films by now-popular folks you remember?

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3 Responses to I suppose I’m the last to notice, but…

  1. varali says:

    Siddharth was assistant to Mani Ratnam at that time, I think. That may explain the appearance.

  2. Sathya says:

    Sidharth was an assistant director to Mani Ratnam and of what I have heard, if any scene some position had be filled up the assistant director would be pushed into the frame 😛

    Btw did you know that Sidharth is a graduate from SP Jain Mumbai?

  3. wanderlust says:

    yes, i knew that.
    i didnt know assistant diro would be pushed to fill extra positions… i thought they preferred using extras except when one of the crew wanted to make a cameo… like KS Ravikumar.
    yup, i did know that.

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