“I’m very sorry for what has happened…”

…. is what Mr. Shivraj Patil had to say about the Delhi Blasts.

And he also appealed for calm. And praised the resilience of people of the country.

I agree, losing your head in such a situation is not the best thing to do. But how long should it be business as usual for the average Indian? Should he keep going about his work in spite of all the people he knows suddenly turning into ex-people? What is being done to check this situation where all of us have to live in fear?

Millions die of hunger and disease… why am I bothering about these twenty people dying? It’s because they die not because they are denied facilities or jobs, but very very very basic security. Preventable deaths.

We’ll send out mails saying we are resilient… they’ll continue blasting us into pieces. Reminds me of that knight in Monty Python And The Holy Grail who keeps yelling out challenges even though his limbs are hacked apart and his head severed.

And why am I blaming the government now? It’s because terrorists attack us because they can. C’mon… You cheat me once, shame on you. You cheat me twice, shame on me…. just how many countries have witnessed encores upon encores of terrorist acts?

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9 Responses to “I’m very sorry for what has happened…”

  1. Aravind says:

    Completely agree! You should watch “A Wednesday”… It captures Aam aadmi’s feelings perfectly. I hear Obama here tell Americans everyday that “We need change.” And I really feel that if there is anyone who desperately needs change, it is us Indians.

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  3. The Internet Corrector says:

    The Good Sir Knight who repeatedly threatened king Arthur had his limbs hacked away, but not his head. As Arthur hopped into the sunset (replete with clickety-clack coconut-hoof impersonation), the limbless one continued to berate the king belligerently through his very-much-in-place noggin.

    On a more serious note, I’m more concerned by the prospect of having the entire security force of the nation afflicted with mass paranoia than the current mood of combined apathy and helplessness. The Indian police seem to lack the finesse required to balance public inconvenience and necessary safety; things could get much worse.

  4. wanderlust says:

    @internet corrector:
    ahaan! thanks for the correction… it’s been more than a year since i watched The Holy Grail.
    i dont think it’s a problem with the police… the ones in bangalore and ahmedabad seem to have done a decent job. and i dont think it was worse or anything with the delhi ones?

  5. Puneet says:

    Hmm.. Pretty precise.. and more surprising will be that Indians still continue to fight over petty issues.. giving all access to any foreign power (read terrorists etc) to carry out their acts unhindered. Violence in Mlore again..
    Just finished writing on it on ma blog..

  6. News India says:

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  7. theG says:

    And your blog became an advertising means for zee news. I guess these news channels are on a free fall to the levels lower than the bedrock of morality.

  8. Vikram says:

    I hope you remember our discussions about the right wing, the media etc. I just remembered that you are based in Karnataka and came here to find out what you thought about the recent violence against Christians and churches there.

    So what are your thoughts Miss Venkatesan ?

    P.S. : I hope you dont say something like, oh you know they ‘fradulently’ converted some people, so it’s okay for us to burn their churches and orphanages. That’s the kind of stuff that anonymous right-wingers use all the time.

  9. wanderlust says:

    check mail.
    ps: my name has an ‘h’ in it.

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