Gmail’s Acting Funny! Somebody Help! And Fast!

For the past six months, I’ve been having a strange problem.

So I use GMail for all my emailing. Like a lot of other folks. I interact with a lot of people I don’t add on to my chat list. Like a lot of other folks.

But GMail seems to be singling me out to change my chat settings – Arbitrarily, my settings change from ‘Only allow people that I’ve explicitly approved to chat with me and see when I’m online.’ to ‘Automatically allow people I communicate with often to chat with me and see when I’m online.’.

I switch back to ‘only allow….’, only to see arbitPersonI’veExchangedMailsWith added on to my chat list.

And I switch back….. the cycle continues.

While it does inconvenience and embarrass me quite a bit, that goes on the backburner compared to my tearing my hair out on just WHY this happens to me.

I seem darned helpless here. I’ve raised this issue on the gmail mailing list, but to no avail. No one else I know seems to be facing this problem.

Do you face this problem? Does anyone you know face this problem? Are you working on GMail or closely monitoring it that you know why this happens, or how to deal with this?

Please please please let me know.

And do pass this link around far and wide such that it ends up catching the attention of someone who can help me with this.

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11 Responses to Gmail’s Acting Funny! Somebody Help! And Fast!

  1. Logik says:

    If an unnecessary increase in the chat list numbers, is the problem. You could go to contacts and try blocking them.also gmail contacts is split into two sections now. One is randomly communicated people, mailing lists etc. The other is frequent. Gmail splits this itself. You can mod it.ppl in the 2nd list can’t come on your chat list. That’s my guess. Blocking is the simplest solution. I remember you having this problem a long time back.

  2. wanderlust says:

    blocking, okay… that’s what i resort to. but i’d prefer to be spared this trouble.
    i dont know what metric is used to distinguish between the two lists. i added a friend on chat, but she wasn’t added to the contact list, i had to manually shift her. and this was after a month of chats! buuut i just have to have a series of, say, five communications with one person in one day and they get automatically added to my chat list.
    i wouldn’t be so peeved if their definition of ‘frequent’ was closer to mine.

  3. Subhashini says:

    Hey may be it has something to do with the contacts. When you set a contact you have this option: “Show in chat list” which has 4 options: Auto, Always, Never, Block. I’m guessing it has something to with this option. But I’m not really sure.
    May be Gmail is having lot of bugs 🙂

  4. wanderlust says:

    Ah, no… i explored that possibility. nope. the problem is randomly changing settings.

  5. Logik says:

    Must be a part of the Gmail Labs Goodies.

    “It’s not a bug. It’s a feature”.

  6. Nirose says:

    i dont know whats up with google

  7. Sandeep S says:

    Hey I too have the same problem… I keep seeing lot of people on my gchat whom I have never added (but they have added me i guess) Tried changing the settings in gmail and it seems to have worked out….

  8. theG says:

    oh, I got blocked people getting unblocked. Now that was embarrassing!

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  10. archa says:

    i am also facing the same problem
    checked all the settings
    plzzzzzz let me know the solution

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