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Let me tell you at the outset it has NOTHING to do with the master Teacher, or Mahabharata.

Plot borrows elements from The Prestige (You didn’t think that cloning thing was original, did you?), LOTR (Saruman lookalike ugh!), fairytales from Tinkle targeted at kids below age 6, stories from Chandamama … you get the drift.

Abhishek Bachchan is the sort of actor you cast in a movie when a piece of wood is unavailable.

And the amount of crying! Villain cries, hero cries, heroine cries, folks in guest appearances cry…. the cinematographer seems to have been this kid excited on getting his first camera that he takes so many close-up shots of teardrops. So much tears, so many closeups… it deserves to be called Rona. Did someone say ‘action movie’?

But what the heck… I shouldn’t be complaining. I went to watch a Bollywood movie. I can’t expect any better. Atleast this one promised to be mindless and doesn’t feign seriousness and logic like a certain Oscar entry from India.

PS: Everyone was wondering why the rose petals are blue… and why the roses that bloom in the graveyard are blue…. I’ll tell you why. It’s coz the folks buried there were blue-blooded.

PPS: The previous post is password protected because I have neither the time nor the patience or the desire to deal with possible side-effects. Password can be requested for, however.

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2 Responses to Drona

  1. theG says:

    hey! Priyanka Chopra is kick ass. The movie is a hit.

  2. wanderlust says:

    speak for yourself 😛

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