Never ask a man his wage…

“What’s your package like?”

“Oh…. seems like java.awt.event.ActionEvent”

Credits: Maloo

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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13 Responses to Never ask a man his wage…

  1. Arun says:

    saamthing! 😀

  2. wanderlust says:

    i also liked the one you said about turning out your pockets to show they are empty.
    Or cribbing that they locked you out of your salary account.
    And going philosophical and saying you don’t work for the money, but for the job satisfaction and the goodwill you earn 🙂

  3. Maloo says:

    hey you forgot to add the bmtc bus version of this:

    “yestamma paymenttu?”

    Priya, after much reluctance:
    “Do waqt ki roti khaane ko mil jaati hai behenji…”


  4. Maloo says:

    And this is the geeky one:

    Old school friend in his greeting:
    “Hi wassup. So whats your ‘sal’?”

    sqrt(sin(tan inverse(70 million zimbabwe currency cube)))

  5. wanderlust says:

    self-righteous one:
    “paid?? you think i accept money to work? What do you think… i’m some sort of a…. coolie?”

  6. wanderlust says:

    how about this..
    recite like a radio newsreader
    “this document is confidential. do not disclose these details to anyone else”
    (that’s what’s printed at the bottom of any offer letter).

  7. wanderlust says:

    carrying on the java thing, folks not working on java/python can say “no, sorry, we only get header files”

  8. Maloo says:


    “Whats your wage?”

    “Whats in a wage!!!”

  9. ego says:

    “I am a complete package. How about you?”

  10. wanderlust says:

    continuation of the shakespearean theme:
    “an entry-level by any other wage would be just as painmax”.

    and the API developer one:
    “Oh, i’m not offered packages… i WRITE them.

  11. wanderlust says:

    a PJ spinoff:
    Q. Why at all do people bother to code in java?
    A. It’s all to do with the package (said in the tone of “people will do anything for money”).

  12. Rohan says:

    i was asked the same question by some of my irritating relatives and i replied the same and showed them my empty pockets…to top it i asked,”By the way aunty you celebrated your 43rd birthday last month, rite..??” 😉

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