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What exactly is that thing we call friendship?

At an abstract level, it’s an everlasting bond which exists for its own sake and all that yada. But it’s not so easy to define at a more practical level. Sometimes you share a lot of wonderful moments with a … Continue reading

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What am I supposed to feel?

I have relatives and friends in Mumbai. Luckily they live on the outskirts, nowhere near Colaba. Though, my uncle had been to the Taj that afternoon. He returned back to base much before anything happened, thankfully. Just like he was … Continue reading

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Comic Idea

How about a (web)comic strip about a charlatan called Con Corny-One, who’s a snake-oil merchant? Can we call it The Oddfather? He’ll make you an offer you can’t resist.

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Bleg: Assam in Bollywood?

Dedicated to Malu, Pub, Meghali and Indu without meeting whom I would still have thought Assam and the Seven Sisters were another country where people largely wore grass skirts and animal bones and had tiny eyes. One incident that comes … Continue reading

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My Flirtations with Faith and Conversations about Conversions

There used to be a time when the pseudosecularists had their way with me. I didn’t think much of Hinduism… the whole ’emphasis on rites and rituals’ didn’t go down well with me. In retrorespect, I’ll say it was just … Continue reading

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Google hates me

First they fool around with my GMail settings. Then they deny me (and so far it seems like only me… and Ego) GMail Themes. Is it because I use all your products so much that you are scared of monopolizing … Continue reading

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Moblogging Trial

Cant seem to post more than text…not that i do much more anyway.

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Enough is Enough.

So Obama’s Presidential Transition Team has an Indian woman now. Sonal Shah. Her appointment has sparked off a controversy. Not coz she’s Indian or anything, but because her father was closely associated with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Some groups called … Continue reading

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Why South Indians bat for Obama

So every Vamsi Krishna, Nijalingappa, Unnithan and Murugan I know is gunning for Obama.  I think I know why. For starters, the general view is that Southies have more melanin than the others, never mind the Kodavas (who are all … Continue reading

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Low-level programmer: “Oh, no, I write drivers…  I can’t drink”. Mathematician: “Nah, I don’t touch the stuff… I can’t drink and derive”. Additions invited. PS: I am sick and tired of being mistaken for a fan of ethanol.

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