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The post that would have been…

Has it ever happened to you that you wrote a decidedly awesome post, one that voiced your view on a hitherto not-much-debated topic, and just as you were wondering whether to hit submit or not,  got into a conversation with … Continue reading

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Watees yin ye nayme, I say?

So Aamir Khan does it yet yegain. The farty-something shtar does a role that was originally done expertly by a twenty-something Surya. The crowd loves him, or so I hear, never mind that he’s atleast a foot shorter than Surya, … Continue reading

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On pawing and clawing

I have a little cousin who’s just started kindergarten. So everyone she meets gets a dose of Teaching. Nursery rhymes, the alphabet, folk songs… you know the drill. And oh yes, the disciplining. I need to sit quiet for five … Continue reading

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Late Afternoon – Books, Luchis and Conversation

So the Strand Book Festival is on, and I wanted to give it the once-over. A free weekend, the prospect of doing absolutely nothing the whole of Saturday loomed large. I didn’t seem to know anyone with as much enthu … Continue reading

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Song Stuck In My Head

Rash of that happening since Friday. I’ll probably do a more elaborate post as soon as I can. This is a placeholder… if I mark this a ‘draft’, it’ll never get done. Watch this space. And if you’re reading this … Continue reading

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Gamut of Emotions

FUD. FUD. FUD. For three different reasons. In the recent past, that seems to be my emotional range. Oh, and terror attacks have nothing to do with this.

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“Politicians suck! Throw rocks at them!”

I won’t be very surprised if I find this on a Tshirt soon. The attitude of the media and the people they interview these days is, to say the least, despicable. Yeah, fine, a lot of things went wrong due … Continue reading

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A matter of no taste

I love the foodie shows on T&L and NDTV Good Times, though most if not all of the dishes shown are items I’ll never touch. So we(sis and I) watch a Chinese lady with a Brit accent go through China, … Continue reading

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