Watees yin ye nayme, I say?

So Aamir Khan does it yet yegain. The farty-something shtar does a role that was originally done expertly by a twenty-something Surya. The crowd loves him, or so I hear, never mind that he’s atleast a foot shorter than Surya, atleast twice his age, and has house-elf-like ears.

I personally feel Aamir should start doing Chacha or Mama roles and stop going to college and romancing girls his daughter’s age. But before you can chide me for my tragic viewpoints on this evergreen ever-young thinking actor, let me tell you that’s not the point of this post.

So the Hindi movie is called Ghajini, just like the Tamil one. I haven’t watched the movie; so I first thought it ws some pidgin Sanskrit which meant ‘one who looks like an elephant’ or something. Shouldn’t that be Gajini, my sister asked. I said maybe the producer consulted numerologists or something.

But then, Wikipedia informs me that the movie is called so because the lead character is like Mahmud Ghazni, who tried, tried and tried again till he succeeded.

So, fine, Ghazni is suitably Tamizh-ized to Ghajini. And maybe they hoped to score some extra marks for sounding like Rajini. Quite normal in the scheme of things… Simran Bagga becomes ‘Simuraan’, Mumtaz becomes “Mumtaaj”… just like in Japan, they call a radio a “raa-dhi-yo”.

But what I fail to understand is why they retained the title in Hindi? It could quite easily have been Ghazni? ज़ exists in the Devanagari alphabet, unlike in the Tamil alphabet, where we have ஜ (ja) which is being considered ‘un-Tamil’, and so we are moving towards using ச் (cha) for everything from cha, ja, sa, sha.

Or is it the new norm to SouthIndianize Hindi? First you have Javed Jaffrey speaking tha ingleesh longvages like it is the spoken norms in the Bangalores. And now this.

What next, SRK saying “Call me Sarukkaan. Everyone in Kollywood does”?

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16 Responses to Watees yin ye nayme, I say?

  1. Logik says:

    There was this running joke that Aamir went bald to further the cause of the Ghajini->Rajini sound-alike.

  2. wanderlust says:

    to improve the likeness, Aamir must develop white stubble.. and considering his age, it shouldn’t be very hard 🙂

  3. harish says:

    It’s extremely funny to see remake of remake making so much news. And what the hell does Mahmud Ghazni have to do in all this? Even if there is an extreme paucity of ideas there is no dearth for mindless stupidity.
    Maybe next time Amir Khan might go the next level of method acting by just dubbing south Indian movies and digitally editing out the film’s protagonist and putting himself in that place. He can then literally get into the skin of the character.

  4. wanderlust says:

    why doesn’t mindry.in spoof aamir khan trying to play Upendra’s role in A? and have him give interviews about the ‘different’ role… maybe the setting could be rajeev masand reviewing the damn thing?

  5. wanderlust says:

    oh and when you say “getting into the skin of the character”, reminds me of a technique from tamil movies. it’s called ‘koodu vittu koodu paayaradhu”. it basically involves swapping souls using a dead animal/person as temporary variable.
    maybe the day is not too far when aamir khan tries that to get into more than just the skin of his character.

  6. Logik says:

    Aye Aye to the ‘Mind-Ree’ Rajeev Masand Parody. Bring it on.
    That chap is the Karan Thapar of movie reviews. Both in the good and the bad senses of the analogy.

  7. Ritesh says:

    Do you know how Ghazni is spelled exactly in Urdu(or Parsi or Arabic…). It may be Ghazini.
    The British changed the way a few things are spelled and that has stuck with us.
    Like –
    Delhi for Dilli
    Ganges for Ganga.
    This might may be the case. I am not sure. Just making a wild guess.

  8. harish says:

    @wanderlust: hehe yes, we should think about spoofing Amir Khan. Upendra’s role in A might a bit difficult for our intelligent method actor. Upendrana rusticity elli, Amir Khana avara suave sophisticated method acting elli?

    @Logik: mindry.in had parodied Rajiv Masand’s reviewing style in our stage show. Yes, he can be called the Karan Thapar of movie reviews.

  9. wanderlust says:

    let it be ghazini or whatever… i don’t think aamir has done research on that aspect and then chosen the name. the same title doesn’t make any sense in hindi. whatever it was/is in arabic, the people of india know him as ghazni/ghaznavi. and changing that to ghajini is very southie imo.
    sari, if uppi-avara role in A is too tough, maybe Aamir can do Mungaru MaLe. he might even put on weight, curl his hair and host a comedy show to get into the skin of the character.
    but rusticity shouldn’t be a problem no? he might get a slang coach from kalasipalya, and practice saying ‘naayi nann makkLu’ ten times a day.

  10. sg says:

    talking abt the title…whether it’s ghazini or gazni …it hardly suits the movie!

  11. wanderlust says:

    you’re right.
    but looking at it that way, most movies these days don’t have apt titles. in fact, the only reason a movie is called so is due to the title track or some such reason.

  12. sg says:

    @wanderlust more often than not title makes sense or follows the title track..but here it does neither, though the movie is watchable with good performances by AK and a shitty one by Jiah..n for a change the heroine looks as good as the hype unlike the female from RNBDJ.

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  14. FYI, I was told there is no relation between the Name Ghajini and the Tamil Movie. At least they named this one after the villain ( a first I think).
    Mebbe, tamil for memento is ghajini … ???
    N I agree with sg on that the heroine was not ASINgam.

  15. Deepak says:

    Hehe… in Japan radio is actually called Raa-Ji-Yo!

  16. arun says:

    Seen the english one called ‘Memento’? its kickass

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