New Photoblog

So I was wasting away reading the feeds I subscribe to, when I came across the tale of tale of this guy who clicked pictures every day for eighteen years. And he quit only because he died.

Made me think about how easy or difficult that was… well, there’s only one way to find out isn’t there? 😉

Plus, it was New Year’s Day, making it easier to start off something. Plus,  I really wanted to get back being the photographing fiend I once was.

So here, you go, Pic-a-daily Circus. My photoblog.

Since it was started in the spur of a moment,  it has the rather unimaginative url ‘imageseveryday’. It was originally named A Pic A Day, but Tuna later suggested Pic-a-Daily.

I’m using the ‘Monotone’ theme, which is basically meant for photoblogs. It shows only one post at a time, as it customizes the surrounding colors on the page to coordinate with the colors on the image. Oh, and do check out the way this one presents the archives. I absolutely love it!

The original plan is to photograph something everyday and put it up. The objective is not to put up something everyday, but to take pictures everyday. So if I’m stuck in the Amazon rainforests for a month, I’ll make sure I take atleast one pic a day such that I can upload them all after I get back to civilization.

Let’s see how long it lasts.

Maybe it’ll peter out in two weeks, proving TheG right. Or maybe a month. Or maybe it’ll continue like this blog did. Let’s see which runs out faster – the 3 GB space offered on, or my patience.

There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?

About wanderlust

just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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4 Responses to New Photoblog

  1. karthik says:

    And… subscribed.

    One of those “Why didn’t I think of it?” ideas. Very neat.
    Also, um, and are both available. (Addresses with “circus” variants of the above too)
    Any reason you wouldn’t want to shift?

  2. wanderlust says:

    never occurred to me to shift… coz i was rather well-settled with all the bookmarks and password remembering on the laptop and it’s a bitch to update it all over again. and… i like simple and straightforward URLs for some reason… easy to remember, probably.
    btw, wordpress doesn’t accept anything beyond alphanumeric characters in the url.

  3. MM says:

    Piccadilly Circus- my favourite underground station. I’d wait for it to come, because it was the only one that sounded remotely interesting and for the longest time I thought there was an actual circus there and I’d try to convince my parents to let me get off there.

    The Pic a Daily thing is an excellent idea! I’m doing it too actually, to document the last few remaining days of college. Lots of fun.

  4. wanderlust says:

    nothing makes the last few days of college more fun than a camera, as i discovered. it jazzes the whole deal up a fair bit.

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