A trip, some pics, some feelin’ low, and a lot of Jazz trippin’…

So I half-awoke on Friday morning to my cousin asking me ‘We’re going to Vellore to see the Golden Temple… coming?’. I said yes in my sleep, and had a great twenty-four hours. This Golden Temple is quite obviously a place where photography is not allowed, and so I ended up clicking images of wrong spellings on signboards as is expected in TN, cows and goats, and the elusive racket-tailed drongo.

I thought up a thousand different ways to write about this, with images, but hell… I don’t feel like writing about the trip anymore. I was feeling rather high a month-and-a-half back, but the ebbing has been catalyzed in the past twenty-four hours….

But that apart, I’ve gotten rather addicted to this website: http://www.fizy.com … Great site, which has a huge database of music and music videos…. why, they even had Chaandni Raatein by Partners in Rhyme! They also have a few songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone and Ira Gershwin. And I found this jazz band called The Manhattan Transfer… rather good, they are!

That apart, I’ve had a rather eventful February and March. I want to blog about it, but some things need… what-d’you-call-it… closure, before they can be blogged about.

The long weekend draws to a close, and so does March… hopefully it means better times ahead for me and the rest of the world….. considering elections are ’round the corner.

I also have an idea for a webapp… a playlist app for fizy.com where you can search for your favorite songs and drag and drop those onto another pane to make a playlist… what say? It should take a couple of days at worst to implement, no? Googling says they are planning to come up with one, but it’ll be fun to try it out.

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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3 Responses to A trip, some pics, some feelin’ low, and a lot of Jazz trippin’…

  1. Shreevatsa says:

    Best not to pin too much hope on the elections—either on the results, or on the results of the results.

    And should take a couple of days at worst to implement is what I always think, but a heuristic some experienced programmers use is to double one’s estimate and express it in the next higher unit (i.e., four weeks). 😀 (Also consider “Hofstadter’s Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law”.)

    Then again, maybe a pessimistic comment isn’t the best thing to leave under the circumstances. 🙂

  2. sg says:

    how did u like the temple?

  3. wanderlust says:

    oh, surely. knowing me, it’ll take a week at the very least… this is just one of the ways to try and take advantage of parkinson’s law as much as possible.
    it was awesome.

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