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There are times when I splurge, and there are times when I’m rather…. economical. I’m not ashamed of exhibiting the latter behaviour, and successfully ignore stares from rude waiters when I do not tip, or bookstore owners when they say … Continue reading

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Thinking Retro

Yeah, so, I have this fascination/ addiction/ devotion nearing madness for anything Retro. Music, The Beatles, The Eagles, Boney M, Bob Marley, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder etc etc etc. Movies, My Fair Lady, Star Wars, Grease, Rain Man, Monty … Continue reading

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Exactly 365 days ago…

Tuna, Bond and the rest of the Chem bunch left for a trip. Mal, Pub, me, Bond and Tuna simultaneously got teary-eyed.Saranya was stoic as usual. And after the ‘byes to this bunch, Logik and I had a cuppa at … Continue reading

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A hard day’s night, spent in fitful slumber. The morning after, spent in some more fitful slumber. Woken up to shouts of “If you remain sleeping like this, how will you vote?”. I seem to have come a long way … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Election Posters of Rahul Gandhi

So there exists an opportunity now to make election posters into collector’s items or posters to adorn a girl’s room. One of the candidates is a single half-Italian man. With dimples, at that. And no, Dino Morea is not standing … Continue reading

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Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend

If you landed here searching for ‘Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend’ or variations of the same, please pause a few moments to answer the following questions for me in the comments section below. Please. Pretty Please. Is this your first time searching … Continue reading

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Movies I watched of late

I’ve recently had a bit of respite from a month’s hell, and my sister, from a year’s… and we’ve been catching up on movies we’ve missed.Here are the highlights: 8X10 Tasveer You wonder if Nagesh Kukunoor had a lobotomy or … Continue reading

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Yet another new beginning

There’s always something we want to change about ourselves or our lifestyles. But it’s not just any day when you decide to make a huge list of changes. And that’s where I’m rather glad I live in India. New Years … Continue reading

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Bollywood Hero Stereotypes

To start off with, I hardly watch any hindi movies, save a few here and there. Hence maybe my ensemble is not large enough for the generalization. So, Why is it that all heros know every damn skill under the … Continue reading

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Shopping, my foot

Thanks to a dog running off with my favorite pair of shoes, and my sister’s, and my cousin’s, we found ourselves shopping for shoes. Recipe for instant hell. I have exceptionally tiny feet. My cousin has exceptionally large feet. And … Continue reading

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Tell me. In Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the characters keep traveling back and forth in time, i.e. keep changing their (x,y,z,t). Or, the author keeps juggling them through and in between space-time co-ordinates. Notice that at no … Continue reading

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It’s a mad, mad, mad world

The past twenty-four hours seem to have been filled with absurdity upon absurdity. Right in the morning, I find a dog ran away with my shoe. I spent the rest of the morning hunting the gutters and empty sites to … Continue reading

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EttaNother obscurish post

The reason this post is obscurish is because it deals with information which can’t for the hell of it be in public domain. Atleast not just yet. The frustration levels are at an alltime high. And I’ve been crabby and … Continue reading

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