EttaNother obscurish post

The reason this post is obscurish is because it deals with information which can’t for the hell of it be in public domain. Atleast not just yet.

The frustration levels are at an alltime high. And I’ve been crabby and complaining for quite some time now, as people who know me personally will attest. I don’t know how much longer I’ll have to keep sustaining myself with ‘This too shall pass”. I mean, I know it will.. but until then…

Then there’s the flow and ebb of hope every now and then. Highs and lows are to be expected, but heck, I can’t keep up with such wild swings of emotions all the time.

And then there’s the realization that I go through everything in life in expectation of something else, never really feeling I belong anywhere, or that I’m on the right track. Uncertainty and worry are my inseperable companions. It’s all the more worse that I’m by nature a happy-go-lucky person… I don’t like the uncertainty and worry, and would just like to sit back and enjoy life. Quite unlike others who get worried if they realize they have nothing to worry about, and who can never enjoy any experience in life, and always exude negativity. I’m not like that, not one bit.

There’s also the overanalysis and paranoia that cannot for once accept that it might be incompetence, and not conspiracy that’s behind every incident around me. Maybe it is conspiracy, but I’d live better if I didn’t assume that every single time anything happened…. the extra-large helpings of analysis do not aid in decision-making, and breed mostly irrational fears of failure.

When things get within reach, I don’t seem to reach out and bring them closer… I just seem to push them away, out of my reach….and then I rue about the ones that got away. Capital.

I just want a break, when I can get back to being organized and happy.

Funny…. I always seem to get mightily pissed this time of the year, every year…. maybe it’s to do with being in school for fourteen years of my life, when I’d be given a much-awaited break at this time of the year… this is when it all becomes too much to take and you just want a small break away from it all…. nah, doesn’t happen in the real world, apparently.

However… life’s not all getting pissed and venting frusts for me… there are also a lot of pleasant things happening, but sadly they fall into two categories: Classified Information and Stuff That Has No Place On This Blog, and hence you reading this wouldn’t get to hear about them here.

I’ll sign off with some of the best PJs I’ve cracked/heard in the past few weeks.

  • James Bond slept through an earthquake. He was shaken, but not stirred.
  • Q. What do you call it when there are two instances of MatLab running?
    A. A pun
  • Paro D: Dev D’s parody.

And then there were some that weren’t quite…

  • I cracked one about Nero burning ROM… but damn, it turned out that the software was named Nero just because it burnt CD-ROMs. Damn.
  • And I said something about poetry and going from bad to verse… but hell, it turned out that Bangalore Times put the same thing on their TShirt quotes section the same damn day. Now that is embarassing – to make the same puns as BgT, after they crack it! *Sigh* I guess going seven days without a pun makes one weak.

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5 Responses to EttaNother obscurish post

  1. sg says:

    curious post, need updates by email πŸ˜‰
    didnt get the Nero comment, though!

  2. Shreevatsa says:

    Shouldn’t the “cock-up over conspiracy” principle be easy when incompetence is obvious?

    “Shaken not stirred” is just brilliant β€”Β it doesn’t require any stretch, change of spelling, pronunciation, or even meaning… the same words with the same meanings, simply by being placed in a new context, acquiring such perfect… oh wait, I’m raving about a pun. :p

    @sg (Although I know that asking/explaining puns is dangerous): It’s about the software “Nero Burning ROM”, whose name is a reference to the story about the Roman emperor: “Nero fiddled while Rome burned” (or, by some accounts, caused the fire). Its logo used to make this pun more apparent, but it has since been stylized beyond recognition (out of embarrassment?!).

  3. wanderlust says:

    ping me when your highness is free.
    incompetence is often disguised… that’s what makes it intriguing.

  4. sg says:


    Thanks for the explanation, guess my knowledge of European history is exceedingly poor πŸ™‚
    Why don’t you ping me when u r free, you see, here where I am’s difficult to get free πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  5. Sheryll says:

    Haha! You’re funny!

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