Bollywood Hero Stereotypes

To start off with, I hardly watch any hindi movies, save a few here and there. Hence maybe my ensemble is not large enough for the generalization.

So, Why is it that all heros know every damn skill under the sun. They can kick any badguys’ ass (irrespective of the badguy’s muscle strength, or the hero’s lack of training) , left right and centre, and end up without a scratch. How is it that, no one ever can pull a joke on him except may be the heroine. Even if they do, why is it that he can still or has to get back them right away and make them look foolish. How is it that he can sing awesome, whether on a moving train or maybe even as he is sitting on the wall of a really tall bridge. And at times even play an instrument or two, with out any prior practice? How is it that he always appears as the lead dancer in every group dance? How come he has the guts to go up the stage, when he is in the audience every single time. May be he could have stage fright. How does he get to wear meticulously ironed, and carefully chosen wardrobe (branded at times), in every single scene? How come ive never seen a hero riding, may be a Bajaj Chetak?

May be the crowd likes the God figure that they can admire, hence the movie makers cash on it. May be, its the eternal struggle to do or learn everything under the sun like some people,  they draw inspiration from this. (What?).  May be us, the crowd, we like to see whom we are supposed to empathise with always having the upper hand.

The “so, they lived happily ever after”, or ” Yeah! so what? in the end he came off with, erm… flying colors!”, ” May be in the end he died, but still look what he did! He saved lives in the universe around him and everything in general”. Afterall why would we want to pay that extra buck in the multiplexes along with the popcorn and the coke, if we had to come home depressed?

Why is it that ideal characters are preferred? No.  Why do we like Happy Endings?

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Not one more of these again!!!
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9 Responses to Bollywood Hero Stereotypes

  1. wanderlust says:

    This is not restricted to bollywood. take f.r.i.e.n.d.s… you can always have awesome clothes and not once you repeat an outfit through ten seasons even though you’re alternate between being a masseuse/waitress/out-of-work-actor and being jobless.
    And.. movies are where the lead character is shown in his best times…. like for example, you’ll never see superman indecisive while ordering a sandwich or trying to get out of the costume when he has to use a public lavatory.
    we like happy endings for a very simple reason… we go all the way to a movie to be entertained and we don’t like to return back crushed. and it takes a lot of skill and deftness to make a sad ending which impresses and doesn’t turn people off.

  2. SB says:

    @Tuna Fish: What you are talking about is kind of “Magical Realism” – magical things happening in normal settings. There is no place for “why” and “how” here, because if you can explain it, it is no longer magic (or magical realism).

    There are two types of moviegoers: Those who enjoy thinking deep, analyzing life, society, reality, etc. They don’t mind coming home sad after watching a movie. In fact, most of them carry more than a tinge of sadness in them all the time because they are always analyzing life. They want art to reflect life. Your hero here does ride a Bajaj Chetak, or even a broken bike.

    The second type is those who want to forget all their struggles in life for 3 hours, may want to identify themselves with the hero, and for those 3 hours, be what they can never be in their real lives. They have a hearty laugh, get pumped up and return home with a renewed hope. They love to see magical realism. This is the majority.

    Oh, by the way, there is a third type. They pay to watch Govinda’s movies. Again and again. This group has always baffled me.

  3. Swati says:

    “How come ive never seen a hero riding, may be a Bajaj Chetak?”- I saw one !!!In Chak de India, SRK rides one!!
    Actually if youve watched Hyderabad Blues, the protagonist (or hero- Nagesh Kukunoor) is seen as a pillion rider with his girl friend on her kinetic!- But then again his movies are offbeat and a class apart…

  4. Tuna Fish says:

    Friends! Right! The characters collectively have all the problems the world ever saw! With so much, any normal person would collapse due to nervous breakdown! But they seem get on their heels right away, and face another problem. I wonder how anyone would have the time or the inclination to find so many matching jewelry, for every unrepeated dress, during every single problem. How apparently dirty Joey and Chandler appartment doesnt even come close to any NITKians’ room?

  5. sg says:

    This is because the movie is about a hero’s life and however inept, however indecisive, everyone is a hero, atleast in their own lives.

    Let me ask you this, if you want to script your life or make a movie out of it, which scenario would you prefer, a scene where you can’t decide what you should order to eat or a scene where you give back to your enemies/meet the love of your life. Obviously, you’ll want to show whatever significant that has happened/you have achieved, the reason for significance might be different-hilarity of the situation, pertinence to your current life scene or a high sense of achievement.

  6. Tuna Fish says:

    Yeah! the third group! They explain the long existence of Himmesh Reshamiya too!

    Leave Hyderabad Blues apart…
    But Chak de India, with SRK, point to be noted!

    @ sg
    Actually I enjoy watching, scenes, albeit small, those which can bring out something special out of ordinary things… Its better when the director/actors look at cinema as an art rather than entertainment.Thats why Satyajit Ray’s movie’s ordinary scenes are so lovely to watch…

    No, Im sure me trying to decide what to eat would be more amusing than me getting back at my enemies/ metting love of my life or such others. Its too run of the mill!

  7. sg says:

    exactly my point. you put in what you find amusing. the film-maker puts it what he finds amusing or thinks the audience will find amusing 🙂 you just don’t fit into a cliche audience, but into a niche audience 😛

  8. Tuna Fish says:

    The rant is by a person from a niche audience displaying intolerance towards the rest of the crowd!

    Why is it that people find cliche amusing? Why does it have to be so long-drawn and so idealistic for the audience to find stuff amusing?

  9. priya says:

    please praise nagesh kukunoor to high skies AFTER watching his 8X10 Tasveer. now _there’s_ a sad bollywood movie.

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