Movies I watched of late

I’ve recently had a bit of respite from a month’s hell, and my sister, from a year’s… and we’ve been catching up on movies we’ve missed.Here are the highlights:

8X10 Tasveer
You wonder if Nagesh Kukunoor had a lobotomy or his brain tissue was replaced with that of Abbas-Mastan… is this the same guy who directed Rockford and Hyderabad Blues? And if you haven’t watched it yet, I’ll spoil it for you: The villain is Akshay Kumar’s evil twin. And Ayesha Takia is his girlfriend, while pretending to be the girlfriend of the Hero Akshay Kumar. What hits rock bottom however, is when the evil Akki says to the good Akki after it is revealed that Ayesha Takia is the evil one’s girl too, “We have the same taste… isn’t that kinky?’.  *Gag*.

My colleague wondered why no one in the movie thought of showing Akshay Kumar a picture of the night sky or some other bit of the universe, given he can go back in time and space to identify the events before and after the image was clicked.

I couldn’t finish watching Gulaal. But whatever I saw of it… awesome. Kay Kay Menon is enchantingly fiery and calculative. Mahi Gill suits her role perfectly. They couldn’t have picked a better guy for the role of a nerdy fresher than Raj Singh Chaudhary. I’ll finish watching it one of these days.

Vantage Point
Fast-paced. Nice storytelling style. I’d like that applied to other sorts of stories… just to see how it’d work.

In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones
The one I liked best. It’s a really nice slice-of-life movie about students at the School of Planning and Architecture. You see so many movies depicting hostel life, youth, students and stuff like that…. but none have come so close to reality as this one has. In most such movies, you’ll have the hero riding a bike and having a hot girlfriend, but here he’s stocky, unattractive, takes a rick, doesn’t even get the maximum screen space, and has a cabaret dancer for a fiancee. The villain is supposed to be the head of the department…. in any other movie, he’d’ve been an intimidating guy suited and booted all through, and who doesn’t do an ounce of good work…. but here, he’s played by the diminutive Roshan Seth, dresses just as unimpressively as the profs at NITK, lives under his mother’s thumb, and can be seen at the drawing board even at late hours… but is mighty condescending and sarcastic and his tongue-lashings that begin with a “My dear donkey” rather remind you of some of the more condi profs you’ve met. Just when you wonder how such a guy can be evil, you get to know he’s holding a grudge against a student and has flunked him for four years just because on a dare he peed next to him in the bogs and looked over the side… and you see him whispering to the other thesis jury members that this student is a hardcore drug addict….. evil, evil Prof.

Quite a star-cast… Himani Shivpuri is the cabaret-dancing fiancee. Shah Rukh Khan (yes, the very same) is a random student with a few lines of dialogue who is credited as one of the ‘Other Others’. Arundhati Roy (yes, the very same) is one of the main characters, apart from doing the story and screenplay.

It amazes me how little she has changed over the course of twenty years (more so since the same twenty years have changed me beyond recognition). She sounds the same. Speaks the same commie crap. Gets credited for absolute nonsense – in the movie, her character gets away with complete crap presented for the Art Thesis and even manages to secure the highest marks in the class…. not much has changed.

But what shocks me is her looks. She has the same ungainly way of walking still. Wears a saree the same way, with a short pallu. Wears her hair the same unkempt way. And her build hasn’t changed at all! She’s still the same anorexic-looking stick-thin woman. If it weren’t for her wrinkles, I’d suggest she’s some sort of a non-learning robot in which the things to speak, walk, dress, write have been hardcoded long ago….. maybe we can call her Paranoid Android.

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4 Responses to Movies I watched of late

  1. Tuna Fish says:

    Past 2 weeks, MI 1 & 2, Saturday Night Fever, Before Sunrise, Goodwill hunting, pretty woman, and one more I dont remember

  2. Logik says:

    Gulaal was a very involved movie. I watched it in two sittings over a span of 2 days. A must watch, really.
    Seeing the ragging levels in that, made ours seem like a joke.
    And Raj Singh chaudhary, yeah. Perfect role.
    The best part is Anurag Kashyap has so many tributes to English cinema, music etc to offer, so he sometimes forcefully puts it even in regional sequences.
    Like that art-effect of the room in which they stay. Or that awesome dialogue about John Lennon in the end[You haven’t reached that bit, yet I guess].
    Reading them again now.
    I hope you’re watching an uncut version of the movie. Too many irritating bleeps otherwise 🙂
    I liked the character of Prithvi Bana, the singer-bro of Dukhi Bana. Annoying but perfectly placed.

  3. wanderlust says:

    I wish I had a LAN too.
    didn’t see much of prithvi till where i saw.
    and nitk ragging _is_ a joke, even when you compare it to medical college ragging? correct me if i’m wrong there.
    @folks who come here googling for ‘nitk ragging’ or related:
    there is hardly if any ‘ragging’ at nitk. don’t bother about that… if anyone’s stupid enough to rag you, you can ruin their life with one complaint. so there.

  4. Tuna Fish says:

    Just now… Marley and Me! Total crap movie, dont watch

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