Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend

If you landed here searching for ‘Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend’ or variations of the same, please pause a few moments to answer the following questions for me in the comments section below. Please. Pretty Please.

  1. Is this your first time searching for Rahul Gandhi’s girlfriend?
  2. Are you male or female?
  3. What motivates you to search for Rahul Gandhi’s girlfriend?

Coz over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed my blog gets a scary number of hits for ‘Rahul Gandhi Girlfriend’ and the like, and I’d like to know the method behind this madness. It’s nice that people are election-aware and all that in this election season, but why are there so many searching for Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend and ending up on this blog? It’s not even in the first page of results! (Of course… after this post, it will be).

And if you really want info on Rahul Gandhi’s girlfriend, it might help to check this post out.

And… I really wonder why a goodlooking guy with Italian genes and desirous dimples (just an expression… I personally think he looks like an overgrown schoolboy) is yet unmarried… something sinister, the bitchy old maid in me says.

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38 Responses to Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend

  1. arun says:

    Lol, now this post is the first page link for “wordpress girlfriend” as well πŸ™‚ and also for this. Get ready for more google love πŸ˜›

  2. You’re third, actually. I checked. (Yes, I am that jobless.)

  3. wanderlust says:

    i get a lot of love from folks wondering if india is a secular country, folks searching for [insert arbit nitkian name] nitk…. and now rahul gandhi… and a little extra on that front thanks to this post πŸ™‚
    @adorable pancreas:
    i won’t be surprised if this is the top result for rahul gandhi’s girlfriend and all related terms soon. this is gonna be a magnet for all folks searching for this particular string, i guess… strangely not one person has enlightened me on their motivations to search for a pic of rahul gandhi with his girlfriend.
    you’re not the only jobless one…. after this post came out, the number of hits for this particular string has gone up like crazy. and not all of them are from people actually searching for ‘rahul gandhi’s girlfriend’. a good number of them are from folks who actually wanted to check if this is true or what.
    nice nick, btw… i’m sure you have a lot of inner beauty.

  4. ego says:

    1. Yes, this is the first time! Why would anyone be interested in someone’s girlfriend?! It’s not like she’s Kambli’s wife or something!!!
    2. Definitely Male πŸ™‚
    3. I am not much of a Nehru-Gandhi family fan. So, not really concerned with what goes on in their private lives. Hence, nothing really would motivate me to indulge in a search as absurd as that.

  5. vijay narayan tiwari says:

    rahul gandhi is direction of the world youth.
    i like to mr rahul gandhi and want to join congress party.

  6. wanderlust says:

    except that the ‘youth’ is forty, yet unmarried and living in sin.

  7. Tuna Fish says:

    Just out of curiosity…
    If I am interested in writing a book like Harry Potter, should I be very bothered about Rowling’s latest kid?

  8. priya says:

    well, I Like Rahul gandhi and just a curoisity she his girl friend. Not a Big Deal

  9. marcusbeltran says:

    People are searching for it because they’re curious as to whether he’s gay or not. The really quite surprisingly stark dearth of information as to his personal life on the web (not to mention his general vibe) suggest that this may be true. This is interesting because he may well end up leading India, one of the world’s most important countries. While his sexuality should not be an issue, it would be kind of cool for the world’s biggest democracy to be led by an half-Italian homosexual. But who knows?

  10. mahesh says:

    Wanted to see the women who will rule India after 20 years…after Rajeev gabdhi it was sonia, so after Rahul definetly the Spanish women will rule India as all Indians Congress party promote fashion show politics in India .

  11. yogesh dave says:

    well, I Like Rahul gandhi and just a curoisity she his girl friend.rahul gandhi is direction of the world youth.
    i like to mr rahul gandhi and want to join congress party.

  12. Moni says:

    1. Yess first time
    2. Female
    3. Wen i have already disclosed my gender no need 2 ask why !! smitten by the dimple and the smile withit, and wanted to whos the lucky one…sighhhhhhhhh

    anyways nice job !!

  13. shweta says:

    well, dear all the people known as the members of rahul brigade are married & their boss is unmarried ! shame on them, this one is for them.

  14. TheAnand says:

    I was looking for the history of rahul and the media…i stopped tying at R.G and it shows “R.G. gf” as as suggestion…amused as i was …i wen ahead and clicked gooo! πŸ™‚

    1. yeps!
    2. Male!
    3. explained above!

  15. rakith says:

    Rahulgandi is dating spain girl. its sad he didn’t find any indian girl though indian girls are most beautiful i dont know what kind of a breed this gandi family want to generate only out look is indian to make fools for people no respect for mother land just status & money making. Why can’t Rahul marry any indian hindu girl his sister is also married to other religion guy

    • Hemant Malhotra says:

      First of i will like to say u donot have right to say fool to anyone. Secondly love has no bar of language, religion or country. suppose one goes to ur point of view then no one should marry intercaste. See the person and capabilities. You yourself mentioned priynka married to Indian than you are scolding Gandhi family. First decide what is your stand.
      please forgive if you donot like something

  16. polestar says:

    rahul i m a great fan of urs as i m 19 smaller in age bt want 2 b ur life partner

  17. baski says:


  18. neha says:

    Wondered why he is not married. looks like a cute one. We indians bother too much abt caste creed race ie color etc. we are really dumb

  19. rahul i am a great fan yours. u r good rirection of the world youth. i like mr rahul gandhi and his polisy. i want to join congress party.

  20. Rameela Menezes says:

    Curiosity led me to this page, since this handsome cultured young man would be everybody’s dream guy!!!!!!

  21. Edwinmohen says:

    I am very curious to know about Mr.Rahul Gandhi, To me I understand there is no CASTE CREED RACE OR color that plays a role in a personality life.
    As I being am Indian too but married to Non-Indian and my kids still holding there mother’s nationality but studying in International School Overseas.

    I wish Rahul a bless life and strong congressman.

    Truly in love with this man

  22. Priyaranjan says:

    in fact I was searchingRahul Gandhi but google suggested me Rahul Gandhi gf … it seems many people are interested to know why he is still unmarried!!

  23. rose says:

    out of curiosity, why he is still unmarried.

    i wish him all the best in his political carrier.

  24. rose says:

    out of curiosity. why he is still unmarried.
    i wish him all success in his political carrier

  25. Swapna says:

    I am a follower of Rahul Gandhi. I read every article on him,what he says. I tried to follow it in life and I found my life changing. Leaders do have this potential to change our lives. So I wanted to know everything about my idol.

  26. All I did was type ‘Rahul Gandhi’, and yours was the very first link. Congratulations!

  27. nandkishor says:

    out of curiosity, why he is still unmarried ?
    I wish him all sucess in his carrier

  28. Pradeep pandey says:

    HEllo sir “kya aap ko lagta hai rajneeti ko aap badal payenge” mare hisab se rajneeti keval paise aur power ke liye bani hai.” But i am full impressed with U, U & jyotirajeditya sindhiya done agud job as a son of politicion.

  29. Kamla Joshi says:

    i am a female and its my first time.
    Long back when rahul hadn’t started his “career”, i read a news piece referring his girlfriend and it was suggesting as if they live in. But I was quiet curious about what has happened to his gf ever since. They all the time talk about his bachelorhood and marriage but never a word is said about his previous girlfriend. It seems they are deliberately hiding it.

  30. Om Prakash says:

    I am om prakash kumar,
    Hajipur ( Bihar ) Mo. 09852141062
    contact for Rahul Gandhi
    Sub :- I am intreshted by Rajnitik

  31. beri yim says:

    Yup. I m a great fan of the gandhi family and have the right to know about the family. I love them just the way they are. Its not the politics nor power but how they handle themselves in the present scenario. There isnt much to discuss about his marriage or his g/f cos its his own life and he knows best how to or when to kick start the motor. All the best in whatever he does and my prayer and love are always there for the GANDHIS. God bless them.

  32. cs chauhan says:

    folks i got sumthing 2 share abt rahul GANDHI IFCongress bost off secularism so does gandhi family , indra gandhi daughter of JL nehru a kasmiri pandit, married 2 feroz khan (muslim)adopted by mahatama gandhi 2 bcome feroz gandhi, gave birth 2 rajiv , he married 2 catholic sonia so now v xpct perfct secular child 2 be born (genetically) so rahul gf sud b a sikh not spanish

  33. jobless insomniac says:

    got here following a forward of reese witherspoon as sonia gandhi πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚
    you’re right – cute guy, dimples, mucho dinero….. why still single? could be a playa… or could be his girlfriends don’t want to be assassinated by some fumble-fingered terrorist .. after all, his pa got himself blown up and his grandma got herself shot and his uncle, well, ‘crashed’? you just can’t trust terrorists these days to get things right

  34. Neal says:

    1. verrrrry Curious!
    2. Female.
    3. definately to check out who da lucky gal is who managed to steal him….something dat millions of Indian gals cudnt do. me included. πŸ˜‰

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