Thinking Retro

Yeah, so, I have this fascination/ addiction/ devotion nearing madness for anything Retro.

Music, The Beatles, The Eagles, Boney M, Bob Marley, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder etc etc etc.

Movies, My Fair Lady, Star Wars, Grease, Rain Man, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Psycho, any Woody Allen(you get the drift)

Books, Id pick anything retro or even Victorian or even before that.  Given the choice between say, Anna Karenina and Dan Brown, I’d  go definitely for Anna Karenina.

I absolutely detest boy bands and chick lit/flicks.

The reason as my friend soaringheights, puts, is because of the experimental nature of the bygone era. I also say, “Hey! thats class, not crass!”.

But I wonder, when I hear my Dad humming Brown girl in the Ring or Id love you to want me, (yeah! he likes pop and I tend to exaggerate that :P) that all these might have been pop in that age and indeed survived because it was popular.

May be a few decades hence, we might actually find people thinking Bryan Adams is absolutely hip, or accidentally discovering Himmesh Reshamiya and going gaga over it. Five  Point Someone might become a raging icon for anyone who wants to know what goes in an average IITian’ s life.

Who knows?

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Not one more of these again!!!
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