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100ft NH-17

Little sleep. Tiring day. Hour-long ride home. So the moment I got into the volvo that’d take me home, I went to the first available seat and proceeded to grab some shut-eye. I pride myself on sharing one trait with … Continue reading

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Mark of a T-School.

(When there can be B-Schools, why not T-Schools? There’s more of a demand for them in India anyway. And it sounds way cooler than ‘Engineering College’. My lame attempt at introducing a new word into everyone’s vocabulary. Like bitchcakes.) There’s … Continue reading

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Just for Laughs

(Now, If you are religious or are a great fan of Bombay’s famed Mahalakshmi temple, I dont mean to offend you… Just laugh. If you don’t find it too cliched already for your taste, that is. ) Friend: Kya yaar, … Continue reading

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Blush II

This is not an isolated incident I’m blogging about, but a whole series of them. Has it ever happened to you that you are talking about someone, and that very same someone happens to be eavesdropping on your conversation? 🙂 … Continue reading

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Whats your pun style? Do you pun for the heck of it? Or are you a situational punner? Do you pun just to introduce some humor in a conversation? Or do you pun unknowingly during conversations? When you pun, how … Continue reading

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Saddest Day Of My Life

My political leanings are well known; I’ve all but yelled it from the rooftops. And for those of you who were concerned about my state after this…er… shock, I’m fine 😛 even expected such an outcome, though not like this. … Continue reading

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Meta-joke/Tribute to Monty Python

A: Monty Python’s Argument Clinic Sketch isn’t really that funny. B: ‘Course it is! A: No, it isn’t. B: Sure it is! …. …. Has this been done before? I know Not The Nine O’Clock News has done as a … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Knew Too Much Wikipedia. LinkedIn. Orkut. Facebook. Twitter. Blogger. WordPress. Sometimes I know too much for my own good. Curiosity kills the cat. A little learning is a dangerous thing. I never learn. Never mind.

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Fabtastic Four

So this blog officially turns four today, the 10th of May. This post is written to commemorate that. And reflect. At this particular moment, my mind is a mire of chaotic thoughts all of which are competing to be penned … Continue reading

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What happened to Woody’s?

This is more of a bleg post than a rant post. Okay, just WHAT has happened to Woody’s? My delight knew no bounds many years ago when Woody’s opened a new branch in Jayanagar 9th Block. A rather closeby alternative … Continue reading

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