What happened to Woody’s?

This is more of a bleg post than a rant post.

Okay, just WHAT has happened to Woody’s?

My delight knew no bounds many years ago when Woody’s opened a new branch in Jayanagar 9th Block. A rather closeby alternative for good food, at non-astronomical prices.

It was where we’d go for breakfast when we had guests over, and where we’d go for dinner after a late-night movie. It was THE place for birthdays, and treating friends.

It was also the place for bumping into old friends.

It was most importantly the place where I went right after losing my mobile while coming back from CAT ’07 (No, I didn’t write it, a friend of mine was and she was staying over at my place), and was clueless about what to do next, and was thankful as hell I bumped into my uncle who, like most adults, knew what exactly to do next.

Few visits home that stretched longer than a couple of days were complete without dinner at Woody’s.

Their large expansive structure, with emphasis on cleanliness, and giving you a feeling of being looked after, was a delight after spending weeks at a cramped hostel where you had to queue up for everything from a bath to a meal to getting a form to paying your fees.

Their Chinese wasn’t great, but their SouthIndian, and even their naans and rotis were brilliant.Oh, and what divine starters there were!

And ah, their basundi brooked no comparison to anything except maybe the nectar of the Gods.

Surprisingly, I didn’t give this place much of a thought over the past year, though I’ve been living at home. Maybe because I’ve been living at home and don’t care about eating out.

Changes happened. The place got/is getting renovated. Due to which the structure has been reduced to a mere shadow of its former self.

No issues, we thought and went there one evening. And as is usual, asked for the basundi. Nope, we don’t have any sweets this evening, the waiter said. Shock and disbelief. Then we were told it was due to staff shorage.The waiter even agreed with us that the standard has come down, and we all shook our heads together.

Go to the Woody’s on Commercial Street, he suggested. It’s awesome there.

I forgot about that bit of advice. Random shopping spree at Comm Street this evening, which was supposed to end, like other shopping sprees, with pizza. But then, coming across Woody’s brought back that waiter’s advice, and in we went.

I won’t go into details, but I think it’ll suffice to say the food seemed to have been prepared by a new bride. And while I tried to confirm this point with the waiter there, he only grinned and with an apologetic smile said “If the cook is paid, excellent meals are made”, or something to that effect. The headwaiter got an earful too, and he suggested I complain to the manager. Almost like he wanted me to. I did, and it felt like I was talking to a sphinx.

So what the hell IS going on in this place? Recession? Someone do let me know… I really want to know how quality could do such a backflip in such a short time.

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1 Response to What happened to Woody’s?

  1. Ashwin says:

    Hey there ,

    I haven’t been to Woody’s in a while now , last time was about a year ago nearly to the day…the Jayanagar 9th Block outlet that i went to with my dad after an exam , it was under renovation then , the entrance was from the side lane there . I’m just curious what happened with the renovation and the Commercial Street outlet as far as my memory serves me was always a great place to eat , then again i’m away at college so i only get to come home for a couple of months at a time .

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