Mark of a T-School.

(When there can be B-Schools, why not T-Schools? There’s more of a demand for them in India anyway. And it sounds way cooler than ‘Engineering College’. My lame attempt at introducing a new word into everyone’s vocabulary. Like bitchcakes.)

There’s this urban legend about Lewis Carroll. Apparently once the Queen liked Alice in Wonderland so much that she asked for a copy of his next book. Carroll duly obliged, sending her a copy of his loyally inscribed An Elementary Treatise on Determinants.

But then that’s urban legend.

Now for some cold, hard fact.

First floor of NITK Library. Most books in order, a few thrown about here and there and stuffed into the wrong locations. A man hard at work putting books back in their correct place.

Category 500 in the Dewey Decimal System. Books on Mathematics. A bunch on Number Theory. Then some on Linear Algebra. Quite a lot, actually, on Linear Algebra. You sift through the books looking for one particular author.

Then a volume slimmer than those around it catches your eye. It looks very unlike the others. You look at the author’s name and wonder what that book is doing in Category 500. Then you look at the title and understand.

Author: Arundhati Roy. The book: The Algebra of Infinite Justice.

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6 Responses to Mark of a T-School.

  1. Tuna Fish says:

    Heights, this! I hope they removed it…
    Coming to think of it, I though they dint store fiction in the lib, other that the ones by Gandhi, Nehru etc

  2. sg says:

    there was quite a bit of fiction in the lib, but you had to snoop around for it, anyway, that’s a lame joke đŸ˜›

  3. Tuna Fish says:

    talking of introducing words, “herdmentallity” dint do well either đŸ˜›

    Book hiding wasn’t restricted just to subject books during exams? :O funny!

  4. Wow u explored so much of our library!!!
    I used to go to library in the customary first week to issue the book-bank books and at end to return them.

    Only once or twice did I go thr searching for some stuff – once, I remember, was some metallurgy stuff… Other than that, never!!!

  5. Tuna Fish says:

    The last I actually explored the lib was in 3rd sem, after not going at all in 2nd sem … Some lib guy gave me a glare because I was hanging around the shelves for more than an hour. Thats when I stopped going.

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