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In Which Wanderlust Tries Giving It Those Ones

I promise I won’t end this by joining evening Law classes just so that I can sue people. I wish I could begin this with a swashbuckling “THE END :)”, but that will have to wait a bit. I see … Continue reading

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On Rationalizing and aberrations.

So you have a system. All you want to do is judge how the individuality of the components compares to certain norms. You determine what contributes to achieving the particular goal that the system needs to. And then judge how … Continue reading

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When life hands you a lemon….

“Hey, don’t pick NesTea in peach flavor… lemon is so much better”. “Ma, the upma will be so much better with a twist of lemon”. “This recipe says ‘dash of lemon juice’… why didn’t you add it? Just because it’s … Continue reading

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Minestrone soup from a bewitched, bothered and bewildered soul from Ipanema

I’ve been meaning to write a post like this for quite some time… a lot’s going on with me that can’t be put into a post that’s short and to the point. But something or the other always comes up. … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I was trying to toss these thermocol balls into a bottle of Nail-Polish Remover. Some of them stuck to my fingers, unwilling to let go. Some others neatly fell around the bottle. Quite a few neatly bounced off the … Continue reading

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Games for parent-child bonding.

In the vacations after my Class XII, I developed a fondness for the Deccan Herald Quick Crossword. So did my mum. We’d crack it together every morning after breakfast. Soon I moved to Surathkal, but we didn’t stop solving the … Continue reading

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