When life hands you a lemon….

“Hey, don’t pick NesTea in peach flavor… lemon is so much better”.

“Ma, the upma will be so much better with a twist of lemon”.

“This recipe says ‘dash of lemon juice’… why didn’t you add it? Just because it’s optional doesn’t mean it should be ignored”.


“Priya, you didn’t tell me you were making lemon rasam today”. “But it’s not lemon rasam!”.

“Why is this pongal tasting a bit funny?”.

“Why’d you get this facewash?”. (Because it contains lemon as an ingredient).

“God, I thought we’d sworn not to buy this brand of deo anymore”.

“Maami, what to do for travel sickness?… and no, YOU are not giving me suggestions here”. (Go have your Avil and throw up all you like… sucking a lemon half works best, didn’t you know?).


I seem to be in a phase when everything tastes and smells so much better in lemon flavor. And when lemon cures everything from common cold to Stockholm Syndrome.

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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11 Responses to When life hands you a lemon….

  1. Tuna Fish says:

    Take it all!! Squeeze till the last drop… Then take all the flowery things from inside. Then put some cold water, salt and sugar! Tadaaaaaa!!! You made yourself some lemonade! 😀

  2. I recently discovered this Kannada song that goes, “Nimbehannu tara hudugi bandlu. Node Balu, node!”

  3. Shwetha says:

    Ha ha. . you write very well gal . . Keep it up. . 🙂 and get me some lemonade 😛 . .

  4. Lemon as a cure for Stockholm syndrome? Never heard of that!

    • wanderlust says:

      when you begin to sympathize with your kidnappers, a slice of lemon drowned in vinegar brings you back to your senses. don’t tell me your granny didn’t tell you this.

  5. i liketh lemon. Fortunately people around me dont. So i can be contrarian the other way round.

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