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I admit…

I’ve long wanted to write this post, but didn’t due to professional reasons. Now that I’ve resigned, here goes. I’m leaving Indian shores in a month to the American West Coast. For higher studies. Yes, I was supremely happy when … Continue reading

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The Dirt on Pop Sci

Quite, quite frequently, we get these mails or shares on Google Reader or random quote on some website which says that HORROR OF HORRORS, your computer keyboard has more germs on it than a HORROR OF HORRORS toilet seat. Then … Continue reading

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Intermittent Writer’s Block

I have half-a-dozen drafts very close to completion. I just can’t seem to find the patience to do that. They are on various topics – fairness creams, national integration, some of the stuff I had said in my innocent childhood … Continue reading

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Till we evolve to sync the layer in our brain (mind?) that feels emotions with the one that articulates them into words,  good luck to us. If we manage to keep from wanting to kill everyone else around us till … Continue reading

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Ive been really bored lately. Thats something to say, as boredom is my usual state of mind. Now I seem to have hit rock bottom. Ive exhausted all my feeds, logged in and out of all my accounts too many … Continue reading

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Bond of seven births etc

Yusuf Khan’s screen name was Dilip Kumar. He married Saira Bano. AR Rehman’s name used to be Dilip Kumar. He too married a Saira Bano. Maybe we really were on to something when we played FLAMES in middle school.

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Bangalore is Silicon Valley, eh? As well as being the Capital of Karnataka? If that is the case, why the hell isn’t there an IMDB entry for Upendra? Bloody hell, even some Miscellaneous Crew Member from Dilwale of the same … Continue reading

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