Bangalore is Silicon Valley, eh?

As well as being the Capital of Karnataka?

If that is the case, why the hell isn’t there an IMDB entry for Upendra? Bloody hell, even some Miscellaneous Crew Member from Dilwale of the same name gets a mention. Why not our Uppi?

It gets worse.

There is no Wiki entry for our Pathbreaking movie A. What’s worse, no IMDB Entry either. Well, there is an entry for A, but it’s some sad Japanese flick.

All that Ka.Ra.Ve does is write ‘Kannada is in our blood’ etc all over Gandhinagar. Why can’t they do the basic needful for Kannada on the Net? Is there no Uppi fan who knows Wiki and IMDB can be edited?

What a sadness.

[I’m no fan of Upendra, not watched more than a couple of his movies, and I found A too… weird. But hell, IMDB entry atleast!]

Update: Here it is, the Wiki page for A. Add content, do.

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19 Responses to A-argh.

  1. ego says:

    I wanted to say, “Expecting an entry from you” but for those words in the square brackets 🙂

  2. Tuna Fish says:

    Echo ego’s words

  3. Logik says:

    I maintain Kashninath and Rajnikanth’s articles. Am a fan of Kashninath atleast.
    Why do you need to be a fan to write an wiki about a person?.
    Besides, an article by an ardent fan will not meet wikipedia’s neutral POV [ point of view ] 😛

    • wanderlust says:

      the thing is, i don’t know ANYTHING about upendra save his name and the names of a few movies of his. i’ve seen fifteen minutes of A.
      that said, i just wanted to start the page and leave others to fill it, but it was quitting time by the time i published this post. and haven’t been anywhere near a comp. till now.

  4. Akshay N R says:

    Ah ok! Now you have got me totally pumped up! Being a Die-hard Upendra(the writer and director) fan, and having watched both A and Upendra umpteen number of times, I just took it for granted that there would be an IMDB and Wiki entry! Shall now bring justice to the world…..


  5. harish says:

    In his dialogue writing, Uppi is quite talented thought he same cannot be said about his acting. He certainly deserves an entry. And A is by far the most comlpex Kannada movie. It also deserves a mention.
    Paapa, Ka. Ra. Ve. won’t even know that there is something called wikipedia or IMDB. They might not even know the existence of internet.
    Mindry.in baggenoo ondu wiki entry illa. Che! naavE barkotivi.

  6. Oh man, nostalgic memories! When A released in Udupi, a bunch of us, in school then, thought it was, um, well, a dirty picture, and went for it. Funnily enough, many other people also had the same idea. The theatre had only men. LOTS of auto drivers. Hooting. Howling. And utter confusion at some of the happenings – especially when “The End” comes after fifteen minutes of total incomprehension.

  7. harish says:

    Oho eshshTu initiative togonDu you are creating pages and all for ‘A’ film. What a fine Kannadiga you are!

  8. Shreevatsa says:

    The one link in the “A” article is the only (indirect) evidence that the movie even exists… the article could be nominated for deletion right now and it would not survive the process.

    Perhaps the Silicon Valley just has better priorities. 🙂 Look at Wikipedia’s list of featured articles, History section. Notice how in that short section, there are articles that stand out, on (not linking to avoid the spam queue :p) Chalukya dynasty, Hoysala Empire, Kingdom of Mysore, Political history of medieval Karnataka, Rashtrakuta Dynasty, Vijayanagara Empire, Western Chalukya Empire, Western Ganga Dynasty. Or, in the literature section, Kannada literature in the Vijayanagara Empire, Kannada literature in the Western Chalukya Empire, Literature in the Hoysala Empire! (To be sure, most of these are largely the work of the same user, Dineshkannambadi.) We even have somewhat-decent articles on Channapatna toys and Togalu Gombeyaata.

    I think it’s a uniquely American phenomenon, the preoccupation with popular culture. (“because they have no other” :p) You won’t find it to such an extent among, say, the French or the Italians, as proud as they can stand to be of their cinema.

    • Logik says:

      About the link yes, I put that. I tried google news archive search as well, couldn’t find any non-glitzy site for this film, and the stupid one-letter name doesn’t help much.

      Priority was the key point here.
      Our patriotism for kannada ( or linguistic bias, maybe), shouldn’t be, and isn’t measured by pop-culture articles. And similarly about our personal affection for wikipedia’s goals.

      Probably the whole issue of this post, was that even a skeleton article wasn’t there to begin with. Sure each A, B, C articles won’t come with a publishing plea like these, but there’s where a million monkeys and noble initiatives come in.

  9. S says:

    Random update: There seems to be a “KMDB”, kannadaMovieDatabase.com. Needless to say, the website is poor, and one wishes all its data had been on IMDb instead. Reinventing the wheel can be fine sometimes, but between things like this and the moronic Kannada wiki-that’s-not-Wikipedia

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