Intermittent Writer’s Block

I have half-a-dozen drafts very close to completion. I just can’t seem to find the patience to do that. They are on various topics – fairness creams, national integration, some of the stuff I had said in my innocent childhood which don’t sound as normal in the post-Article377Awareness world, Rakhi ka Swayamvar, the i-pill, movies I watched last week – Via Darjeeling and Nadodigal (both with very disappointing endings, though their premise and execution were rather good), why I like TV better than having to download movies and watch them, my general pissedOffness at the decentish Pammal K Sambandam being remade into something totally unwatchable (Kambakkth Ishhq) by even a hardcore Bollywood freak like SG.

But all I seem to be able to post are random one- and two-liners that should have been tweeted instead.

Either that or really long-drawn-out posts that ramble on and on without any focal point.

It’s been pretty long since I wrote a nice 1000-word long post which doesn’t diverge from its point too much. Hell, why this Intermittent Writer’s Block?

Maybe it’s because I’m a bit busy and distracted on various counts these days. Or maybe it’s just the moon which drives me loopy and dreamy beyond tolerable limits when it’s full.

Or maybe I just find it hard to articulate things well these days.

<Voice of Bill McNeal>Which is it? *superior chuckle* The world will never know.</Voice>

And now I’d better post this before the power snaps and this languishes in the account as yet another draft.

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2 Responses to Intermittent Writer’s Block

  1. swati says: I know the reason why!!
    Suggestions : Preparing for the Journey called “Grad School”!!:P
    “A critical analysis of why BJP lost the elections despite avid supporters like me”
    “Budget 09- populist or progressive??”..:P

    • wanderlust says:

      despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it’s not what you think šŸ˜‰ and a month is sufficient time to get back to normal, dontyouthink? šŸ™‚
      journey… ssssshhhhh for a week more.
      arun shourie is doing enough dirty linen laundering in the Indian Express, that supersedes anything else any outsider can say. four part series!! that guy sure is pissed with the loss!
      check it out:
      and you are well-qualified now to comment on the budget. do so!

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