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So Much To Say, So Much To Do…

… So little time to do it in! I’m leaving India in less than a week. I have a lot of pics to share, a lot of feelings to blog about, a lot of nostalgia to express. So many people … Continue reading

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Bad-bad words: “Bleddy Bhaskar! Thisis your Last Morning! I’ll hit you meeeans you’ll go fall in foreign”

So there was this tag on Twitter called ThirdStandardClassics. It reminded me of some of the misconceptions I had in those glorious days. First, I wondered where exactly this place called “Forin” was. Uma Chithi went to America, and she … Continue reading

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Protected: Shatter to piece together

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Review: The House of Blue Mangoes by David Davidar

Why isn’t this a major motion-picture yet, with Ilayaraja/Rehman soundtrack and Surya in a double role? This book made quite a few waves when it first came out. It was supposed to be a really brilliant book, nicely written etc … Continue reading

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Blasted beginnings and botched-up bye-byes

Just for the alliteration. Not enough material for a nice long post about it that won’t be password protected and will be able to attract a lot of comments. Just couldn’t pass the title up.

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Back I am

Just as I finished posting the previous post from my mobile, my landline began working. My, blogcribbing does work!

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Out of action

BSNL down where I live. I don’t have a job anymore (Yay!) which might let me access the Net. And I hate using cybercafes. GPRS keeps me just about sane. But I reply to mails with few words, don’t blog … Continue reading

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Eureka! Eureka!

WARNING: Maybe Extreme Tech for your taste! ————————————————————————————————————————— So, I just found a way to make contact lenses! Im not sure if this is the normal way they make them. To fit the lenses, or to get better vision, you … Continue reading

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Google: Privacy and security!

So, Google just gave me another reason, why I should hate them! With its web history … Yet another step to intrude my privacy. You might say, why do you want to use google accounts? Use something else! So, thats … Continue reading

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How I Got My Visa, and other stories.

I’ve always wanted to write an anthology of short stories for children, which would then have a title like the one above. But my talespinning talents let me down… so I’m reduced to blogging about some or the other sort-of-mundane … Continue reading

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