Google: Privacy and security!

So, Google just gave me another reason, why I should hate them! With its web history … Yet another step to intrude my privacy.

You might say, why do you want to use google accounts? Use something else!

So, thats another reason. First they hook me on to them what with that brilliant seach engine. Then comes gmail, higher storage, cool chat, labels and yada. So, they have access to the whole of my personal life. Phew! I say, no one is reading this mail. But then their bot crawls over it and neatly places “relevant” ads besides it. Do they have an option for me to disable them? NO. But they every other inane options to change the colors of my labels, and personalized themes and the like.

No Thank you! Im not using more of their products. Yet they have reader. So thats fine? Now they know what all I read, and when I read and how much I read. So thats not eough for them to find out or give me “better” search results.

They bring out this web history thing. What with a whole packaging of personalized results for that. No it was not enough for them to keep a copy of all the words I searched for. But now they want to know which site I clicked after I searched for that elusive keyword. Oh! so, How many people know about it? Not many. Its just one of those little prices you pay for using their services. Oh you can set up what or how you want your web history to be stored. No thankyou, Im not even going near it.

So Im going to see if I can switch this whole brower history off? Nooo! Google wants me to go and delete every item if I dont want to use it. After all the heavy searches I do, this is the least I can help them out, nein?

Oh and they also have this whole list of stuff for Privacy and security for google accounts:

Security Issues:

Someone changed you password? Keeping you account secure? Detecting suspicious activity in your account? Removing malware from my computer? Dont you think its just what google could do with all the information it has access to?

Privacy Issues:

Third party access to your account information? Sharing your data with other sites? Isnt google already using it for more monopoly?

I suppose im being cynical about it. But all the over dependence is killing me.

Do tell me if youve figured out if there is a way to turn the damn thing off!

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7 Responses to Google: Privacy and security!

  1. theG says:

    well, google’s motto is not longer “do no evil”. it has become an evil in itself. The problem is in trying to control the information. And next on the list is Facebook.

  2. raghu says:

    You can pause, resume and delete web history. Just search for “google web history”

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