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RIP Allen J Mendonca

It was when I was twelve or thirteen, I think. I wanted nothing more than to be a journalist. An investigative journalist, if I was lucky. And there were a few inspiring people behind that ambition. No, Barkha Dutt wasn’t … Continue reading

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Viva South Bangalore

Conversation on meeting a random person yesterday: Me: Hi I’m Priya Person: I’m X Me: Where from in India? X: Bangalore. Me: Me too! South Bangalore? X: Jayanagar Me: 4th Block X: Ohh… 8th Block. Me: We shifted to Bannerghatta … Continue reading

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IrWhine – The First Week

So it’s nearly been a week since I got here. It’s rather hard to get close to a computer so far, considering summer break’s still on, and Fall Quarter starts only 23rd. So labs are all closed, and the libraries … Continue reading

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I’m on foreign soil. Land of opportunities, wide roads, friendly profs and low-voiced people….. so this really isn’t a whine. I’m yet to get myself a laptop, or an Internet connection, or even a cellphone… so it’s going to be … Continue reading

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