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Playlist: part 1

I suppose I am about to embark on another music exploring extravaganza. All thanks to DC++. And Its about time I compiled a list of songs which are, or atleast find compelling. 1. Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now: Found her … Continue reading

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My Stupid Computer

I have computer. ( I mean who doesnt?) . Ive had it for too long. Id like to think of it as my alter ego. A very silent one at that. Who knows my expressions when im reading something on … Continue reading

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The Incomplete List of Things That Put Me Off.

Wrote this ages ago. I’m clearing up old drafts now. Deleting the ones that lead nowhere, and trying to publish the rest. Bear with me. Like most normal people, there are a lot of things that put me off. Some … Continue reading

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Art and Life and Imitation.

I wrote this rather long back. I’m just clearing old drafts now. Deleting the ones that led nowhere, publishing the rest. Bear with me. I watched Nadodigal a few weeks back. I don’t recommend it. Painful to watch. Even worse … Continue reading

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In which my friend is likened to a Bakasurish Amoeba.

S and I have known each other ever since we can remember. We were in school together, from kindergarten to tenth. We grew up together, more or less… went through ego battles together, began sighting guys together, joked together in … Continue reading

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Nothing about a lot of things …

Right now, I want to write a long long post, just so I put a bunch of thoughts that have been running continuously in my mind for quite some time. One thing to clear my mind, to see things more … Continue reading

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Silent TamBrahms and other amit_123 myths

Being in a relatively quiet place where the police diary reads like “Resident reported suspicious person. Officer found suspicion unfounded” or “Caller reported loud music. Officer advised residents to keep it down”…. no, hang on, that has nothing to do … Continue reading

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