Vaaranam Aayiram – I’m still around

Tuesday evenings are my most unproductive. And ruin the entire week so that I’m always playing catch-up.

I have a half-a-dozen drafts languishing in my WordPress account. And I really shouldn’t be away from proper blogging/writing for so long… it begins to feel unreal. But oh, well, such is life. And will continue to be.

I want to write about how the power of choice is making us all incredibly narrow minded, and about how un-green this country is, and another ‘impressions of Irvine’ sort of post. But I’m becoming incredibly inarticulate these days. And rather dreamy, moony, moody and silent for the most part, bordering on misanthropic. There are a lot of reasons for that, but let’s not get started.

That apart, I seem to have a newfound fascination for Thillanas.

I find I’m rather tired from late nights, lugging my laptop around, lugging groceries… hence the title: Give me strength enough to conquer a thousand elephants. Or a thousand lines of code. No, I don’t fancy myself Sameera Reddy or Ramya or least of all, Surya.

And those who are here for reasons other than Raul Ghandy’s gurlfiend, please do drop a line in the comments section, just saying hi or whatever. You are also welcome to invite me over for snacks, and please make it chaat; been ages since I’ve had chaat, and you don’t really find the ingredients here. It feels nice to read comments on the blog.

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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9 Responses to Vaaranam Aayiram – I’m still around

  1. Vivek says:

    Been a silent visitor of this blog for some time. Came here first through Blogger for Advani some time bacl. Your blog is good. Like the one on Allen J Mendonca of all so far. Just wanted to say “hi, i am one of your readers!”

  2. Oy – have you heard Balamurali’s thillanas? If not, there’s this old old old tape at home with it (i’m sure you’ll find them online somewhere) – the sheer joy of his singing!

    And, Sameera Reddy. She was fairly yummy in that movie, no? (Although watching the movie was like trying to finish off lots of burnt cabbage curry.)

    • wanderlust says:

      i will. thanks.
      i thought simran looked better than the other two ladies in the movie.
      the movie was okay…. but so many ‘dyaajee!’s from surya. last time i heard so many were in some thirdrate kannada/tamil movies with a rich spoilt heroine who called her father ‘dyaajee’.

      • The ‘dyajee’ in all those movies is ALWAYS corrupt businessman who turns out to be the villain.

        My friend acted in that movie in a blink-and-you-miss part. You remember the scene at the end when he rescues a girl from unidentified terrorists? The girl is a good friend. That is the only reason I watched the movie till the end!

  3. bedathur says:

    Home sick still? 🙂 Well, I could invite you over for “paani puri” and stuff…. but I don’t live in Orange County.

    Reading your post, I remembered an incident when I was still new at grad school. I learnt my lesson the hard way when a certain “Thiagarajan” invited me over to his house for a tempting masala dosai dinner only to bore me with his Amway sales pitch. I had to bail myself out with no dinner, walking all the way back to campus on a November night. Not fun.

  4. wanderlust says:

    no, not really homesick. and certainly not for food. not yet.
    thankfully, i haven’t met any amway folks yet 😀

  5. Arjun says:

    You’re still hanging on to that Bloggers for Advani badge, are you?

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