In which my friend is likened to a Bakasurish Amoeba.

S and I have known each other ever since we can remember. We were in school together, from kindergarten to tenth. We grew up together, more or less… went through ego battles together, began sighting guys together, joked together in the middle benches (not the backbench… teachers wise up to it pretty much) whenever I could manage it (my height made sure the teachers always put me in the front bench)…. and then we lost touch in the middle, during our engineering. And got back in touch just as I was leaving for Irvine…. for which I’ll be forever thankful. It turns out we turned out  more similar than we ever thought we’d be, having quite a few aspects of our lives turn out very similar, including our job profiles, and heck, we even started on our first jobs on the same day! And… we also complete each others’ sentences now, can totally understand what the other person says…

The best bit was not meeting up for the first time in four years and feeling not a day had passed since we met last. The best bit was that we ran into two of our school teachers when we met. One of them was the much-chronicled-on-this-blog Naughty Nallu, who treated us just like we were two errant schoolgirls giggling in the middle benches, and not at all like two adults…. somehow, the more things change, the more they remain the same 🙂

So now that the background has been established that we are in regular touch, let’s get to business.

More background.

We also had another classmate, who also studied with us from first to tenth. I’ll call her Pink for reasons I’ll explain later. She was the class darling, as well as the class hottie. S and I killed many trees just by making lists of the many boys who had approached us about how to win this girl’s heart. Every damn teacher hated our class, and every damn teacher thought the only redeeming feature of our class was Pink.

Being together for so many years, your differences start becoming insignificant. You get used to Pink’s total lack of interests in books outside of schoolwork. You get used to her primness and properness. You all have fun together, that’s all you end up keeping in mind.

And then school was out; we kept in touch on and off after that. We more or less lost touch with Pink, though she was just a click away. We rather joked about her in her absence…. I have no idea why we began doing that.

One of those is why I call her Pink here. We had a get-together after AIEEE. She was wearing a pink top, and brown jeans. And then a while later, we watched Main Hoon Na. She was wearing a pink top, and brown jeans. A year or so later, we had a class reunion.She was wearing…. you get the drift.  And then one of us met her at an intercollegiate fest. No prizes for guessing what she wore there. Basically, this was during all the very few times we met after school. Hence the inside joke, and the silent chuckle whenever she was mentioned.

A month or so back, another friend told me Pink was engaged. My first reaction was “Was she wea..”, when I was promptly cut off by that friend who dismissed my doubts and said, no, she was wearing a dark-coloured saree for the occasion.

S told me a common friend of hers and Pink’s told her that Pink got married yesterday. I just was beginning to think about her wardrobe, when S brought my attention to the fact that both of us hadn’t been invited. When the common friend (who had been invited, hopefully?) asked, she was apparently told by Pink, “Jana jaassti aagtaare“. There would be wayyyy too many people at her wedding if she had called S.

Oh, dear dear S… what are you, an amoeba that splits to form too many people when given enough food? And keeps consuming more and more and make more and more people?

And Pink, do you not remember all the occasions we fended off valiant young men intent on winning your hand? The times when we played throwball? The times you sucked up to teachers and we didn’t laugh? The times when we agreed that you had been sinned against even when it was so clear you had sinned? All the maths we did together? All the games we used to invent together to rid the monotony of a meaningless class? All the outings you used to plan so painstakingly?

I don’t care if you’ve forgotten us. School was a long time ago, and we all move on. You need not invite us if you don’t think we aren’t important enough to be there. We knew each other long ago, and priorities have changed since then, and we acknowledge that. And it’s not like we are all that free to take a break and come off to whichever faroff place your wedding is being held at. This is not about us. But er… jana jaasti? Isn’t that a bit cheap? At your wedding, of all days? Especially when we _know_ you don’t have a restricted guest list or any such.

S and I were wavering between choosing to invite her or not for our respective weddings when they happen, when I remembered one tiny memory that put things in perspective for us.

“Not much has changed”, I said. “Remember the time she used to write with your pen in class because she didn’t want her ink to get over?”

And Pink, we both heartily wish you a very happy married life.

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8 Responses to In which my friend is likened to a Bakasurish Amoeba.

  1. shachi says:

    hey girl !!!!!!!! cant stop laughing !!!!!!!!!!

  2. shachi says:

    bakasurish amoeba . . . 😀 good one . . . one of my frnds asked me to read this blog . . i was just leaving for lunch, thot i would just scan through it, but whoaa !!!! was caught laughing by my teammates here 🙂 🙂 amazing one . . how come u never mentioned about this when we were talking ??? 😉 😉 😉 good old school memories of U,S n pink 🙂

  3. Slight gender issue – shouldn’t it be “Hidimbish”? 😛

    • wanderlust says:

      Ah, the name of Bhima’s wife hasn’t caught on! In my experience, people prefer saying ‘bakasuri’ than other names. Also, there haven’t been many, or even any women in indian mythology who have been known for their monstrous appetites. Plus, bakasura was the bad guy. and hidimbi was, even including her demon heritage, a good girl. and hell, you don’t generally call someone a ‘Gandhi’ if they happen to be a bad parent, or schemingly political or an emotional blackmailer.

  4. Shwetha says:

    He he. . You made me laugh my a** off!!!! Ha Ha. . Hilarious. . “she didn’t want her ink to get over?” part. . :D. . Apparently she did invite me!! and the so-called frens who did not bother abt her all thru der engi life came there too. . For food of course! And she was the most sought after(not by guys , by everyone alike to make a fool outta her). I feel sad for her. And dat guy. . been intelligent all his life and rite now, he makes the mistake which will be the regret of his life. . and S and me met yest, and apparently the disc was abt her wedding card(cards!!!) .. and over to S abt that. . and stop talking abt her gals. . You do ve a life!! 😛

    • wanderlust says:

      aiyo, don’t say mistake of his life and all… pink is a nice girl ya, at the end of the day. olle hudugi, though is little bit funny at times. yes, the card discussion happened 😛 and yes, we do have a life. this is one of those small things we like to go yakkety-yak about just for the sake of old times 🙂

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