The Incomplete List of Things That Put Me Off.

Wrote this ages ago. I’m clearing up old drafts now. Deleting the ones that lead nowhere, and trying to publish the rest. Bear with me.

Like most normal people, there are a lot of things that put me off. Some things more than the others. I guess most of these are common. Just that, in me, these things cause chronic changes in facial expressions, tone of voice, and at the extreme, have me walking out of the place silently, and at another extreme, have me screaming the place down.

  • Gender wars. I’ve had enough of these over the past one year. Quite thoroughly, too. While it might be a big use in breaking the ice with the opposite sex, the arguments are all stupid, easily refuted (unless you’re a stubborn, thickheaded doofus), and the next person who says “I can’t understand women”, or “All men are like that only” gets a socking from me. For God’s sake, it’s just your damn social ineptness, not any fundamental characteristic of either gender that prevents you from understanding a person of the opposite sex. And I really felt like smashing the TV a zillion times when Hum Tum was on. I watched just to see how much I could tolerate.
  • Pseudo-Bangalorean-ness. I’ve lived in this city all my life. I like a lot of things about it. I hate a lot of things about it. But then, it’s home. It’s where my permanent address is, will be. It’s something I take for granted. So it sort of pisses me off when I read of “idlis as soft and white as a Mysore Mallige” or “Masala dosas so crisp, they would give the news in Indian Express a complex”. In nostalgic stream-of-consciousness-reminisces, fine. Not in food reviews. Gah. And the eternal question. “”Where have Bangalore’s sparrows gone?”. Probably the same place as the sparrows in other metros. It’s not a city-specific problem. And they would probably be more numerous in Bangalore  if you and your ilk didn’t zip around in your Alto having the aforementioned idlis at Veena Idli Stores Malleshwaram for breakfast, the melt-in-mouth Bisi Bele Bath at MTR for lunch, the aforementioned Masala Dosa for a snack at Ganesh Darshan, Jayanagar, before topping it off with dinner and a tipple at Pecos. Just one more time I hear Swalpa Adjusht Maadi, I’ll probably try increasing your Kannada vocab by teaching you other phrases commonly heard outside spirit stores in the Kalasipalya area.
  • Too many LOLs over IM. Honestly, if you laughed that much in real life, you’d beat Mr. YMN Murthy of Jayanagar Laughter Club fame. And he laughs for the therapeutic properties, like increasing circulation, clearing airways, increasing endorphin levels. Which typing LOL, ROFL, ROFLOL, ROFLMAO, LMAO won’t do.
  • Star bloggers. Nothing personal. But doesn’t it feel weird getting a few dozen comments all saying “First!”? I generally find that the level of discussion at these blogs tends to be ke-rap. But then, you pander to the lowest common denominator, that’s what you get.
  • Pseudosecularists. Needs no further elaboration if you read my blog.
  • Dirty kitchens. I’m too used to my mother’s and her mother’s kitchens. Anything below that golden standard, and I feel like picking up some Vim, a scrub, some rags, a broom and a mop. This, coming from me who tries to run when Amma calls me to help in the kitchen.
  • Negative people. There are some people I know who can NEVER say anything good about anyone. That girl who studies well almost always does well because she cheats. That goodlooking boy out there is always a Don Juan-ish swine. That artsy kid there comes from a depressing family, that’s why he draws… to get away from the pain. The girl holding her boyfriend close is always a protective witch who’s really insecure about her relationship. That divorcee is so successful because she charmed her way up. There’s absolutely nothing in the world that can’t be repeated in a mocking tone. There’s absolutely nothing that can’t be parodied to make it look like something the dog threw up. Everyone is against them because the world is insecure about such a smart/beautiful/brilliant person, and everyone is frickin’ jealous. Either that, or they are so radical, so full of novel thoughts, so rebellious that the world can’t stand them, the descendants of Galileo, the suffragettes, Ramanujacharya and who else.
    There’s no point trying to change their world-view… they are ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand. Depressing. Keep away.
  • “Modern” people. I knew of this girl who was considered by many to be fairly ‘modern’. She wore ‘modern’ clothes, her folks didn’t quite mind when she brought home rather ‘modern’ young men… the works. And she wasn’t allowed to play her musical instrument of choice at a place outside her religious spot of choice, under threat of it being separated from her forever. I’d rather be medieval. Or stone-age.
    It amuses me to listen to people say “these conservative ideas about sex and things are taking us back to the stone age”. Uhh… you didn’t have to wear conservative clothes in stone age, nor did you have to worry about social mores when sleeping around… is it such a bad thing, according to your er… ‘modern’ self?
  • Swine Flu hype. I’ve already woken up crying from two nightmares about dying of some fatal fever. Just quit the damn thing, will you? I knew people in my ex-workplace who caught the ‘flu, and were back at work within the week.
  • Evolutionary psychology. We haven’t stayed unevolved for 50k years. I think I’m rather removed from being a cavewoman. Don’t blame your brutish behaviour on the fact that you evolved from cavemen. Bulk of the arguments for gender wars come from here. That’s why I hate it all the more now.
  • Self-Help. I think they aren’t exactly in the real world. There’s an entire post in this. I’ll write it sometime soon.
  • People who don’t disagree. “I’ll have what you’re having” is fine when you don’t know to read the menu and are too embarrassed to admit it. But not because I’ll be offended otherwise. There’s nothing that directly implies that you and I can’t be friends if our stands on, let’s say, the best sort of music in the world, gay rights, football-vs-cricket, or hell, even political parties, are different, even at loggerheads. Be a real person, for godsake.

That’s just some of my pet peeves. There are more, as you might already know, or will find out.

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11 Responses to The Incomplete List of Things That Put Me Off.

  1. Ishwar says:

    Wow, Nice post.. I loved the part of teaching language spoken in front of Kalasipalya Spirit store.. those are some irritating people! I think one more talk that you hate about Bangalore is “Benglooru traffic andre, tale novu”, especially coming from suave lips of those who drive an Bolero/Qualis with _one_ passenger..

    Good Blog, would love to read more..

  2. kaushik says:

    Ya! I agree with the celebrity bloggers…of late many of their posts are also not that great…playing for the galleries

  3. harish says:

    Pseudo-secularists?! What harm did they do? They are the upholders of the secular fabric of the nation. They guard us against the evils of communal hatred, fascism, religious fundamentalism, polarization and ghettoization. They fight the Modis and Advanis and others of the saffron ilk and make this great country of ours a veritable heaven.
    They fight for the justice of the oppressed minorities of this land and preserve the inclusive character of our society.
    When the saffron brotherhood spews communal venom, they are there to limit the damage and protect us.
    God save the pseudo-secualrists!

  4. Mal says:

    Too rightly said.

    More than negative people, I hate people who feel the need to put you down every single time. Every time you meet them, they make you feel horrible about yourself. I think Bridget Jones called it ‘the Jelly Fish’.

    Also, I hate when people talk about themselves every time someone brings up an achievement. 1. For example, ‘You know, X won Y competition.’. ‘Oh? When I was in school, I was awarded blah-blah.’ Let someone else in the spotlight. For once.

    People from certain schools/workplaces who think they’re AWESOME just because they are from those institutions.

    People who think ‘Friends’ is still quotable in every sentence and who think watching it makes them cooler than those who don’t.

    Thanks for the post. I feel WAY better.

    • wanderlust says:

      I still quote Friends. possibly because i didn’t begin watching anything after i graduated.
      but hell, isn’t the series so widely watched that people who *don’t watch* friends are cool?

      schools, yes, seen that. but workplaces? isn’t that like class warfare? which mainly is indulged in by housewives? (my son works in samsung/oh, does he sell televisions?)

      glad it made you feel better. it felt rather good writing it. and then reading it again after a long time.

  5. the Monk says:

    Heh, ’tis not pseudo-secularism we need, but a healthy dose of Pastafarianism.

  6. Logik says:

    I’d throw a Veena Idly at you for this cool post, but they’d just chipkofy with their butteriness.

    [Probably a known thing, but I love as well as hate intense coffee descriptions.
    Brewing aroma of chicory madness, Frothy Delights in a cuppa joy, and such bull.
    mostly because the review gives me a new restaurant to check out].

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