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2012 – Musings and whinings

Now if there was one movie I was asked to recreate, it’d be 2012. I’ve been working on the Google Earth API for some time now, and all the stuff I’ve come across – zoom ins to historical spots, topographical … Continue reading

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Terse Verse: The Nerd

I was a fresh-out-of-high-school kid when I saw a notice at NITK for the Crrescendo Creative Writing Contest. One of the topics was “The Nerd”. I fail to remember the motivations behind this piece of work, apart from the promise … Continue reading

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How Wanderlust got WordPressed, Distressed, and got her WordPress Account Back

I had been maintaining a rather quiet existence when all of a sudden, on Thursday, people were pinging me asking what I did this time to violate the Terms of Service. This very neatly escaped my notice as I … Continue reading

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Wrestling multi-armed bandits: How do I… filter stuff from Google Reader?

For those of you who don’t know, I trip on Google Reader. Multiple reasons. To start with, there were a lot of things I missed out on by virtue of ignorance, while at NITK. So I subscribe left right and … Continue reading

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Bleg: MTV India version of A Little Less Conversation, pretty please?

I was watching some Youtube clip of Ocean’s Eleven, and the next one on the playlist was A Little Less Conversation with clips from the movie. And the next related one was the Elvis vs JXL version of A Little … Continue reading

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Off with ’em Misconceptions!

I entered the United States mentally prepared for things that would surprise me. But oh well, I still end up shocked, surprised, all that jazz. First, about Americans. All I knew of them was that Indians worked rather hard in … Continue reading

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