Bleg: MTV India version of A Little Less Conversation, pretty please?

I was watching some Youtube clip of Ocean’s Eleven, and the next one on the playlist was A Little Less Conversation with clips from the movie. And the next related one was the Elvis vs JXL version of A Little Less Conversation.

And sadly, the next one wasn’t the MTV India version of the same thing.

Yes, there was one.

I think this came out in 2001 or 2002. MTV used to make their own videos of popular international hits. I don’t distinctly remember any others apart from this one, though. It had a shadow of Jailhouse Rock in it… the setting was a prison with the cells arranged like it was in the original video. Cyrus Broacha was the jailor, and there were several inmates. All with their own dance styles.

One I remember was Kareena (lookalike, obviously) in her red You are my Sonia costume [Oh What The Hell, all I can find is a low-quality Youtube video of the song, and NO shots whatsoever on Google Image Search for Kareena in that costume. Was it really from some other era or what?]. Another was a pair of Chandramukhis doing a mujra just like Madhuri in Devdas, only, twice as fast. I think there was a Hrithik too, doing his famous step from Ek Pal Ka Jeena.

I think this video was more vivid and colourful than the original. Maybe it was the rather in-your-face popcul references that did it… the original showed dance styles, not personalities or caricatures.

Thing is, I’m not able to find a video of that. I haven’t tried really hard, though. If you’re able to locate it somewhere, please, pretty please share it with me. And it’s really worth the hunt… it’s a damn fine video, one of the best to come out of MTV. It’s pretty cool and slick for a parody.

So what are you waiting for? Go memory-lane tripping! And get back to me.


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9 Responses to Bleg: MTV India version of A Little Less Conversation, pretty please?

  1. sg says:

    here’s Kareena’s costume, search for the movie instead of song 🙂

  2. kcgadiyar says:

    This is kind of weird. I too happened to stumble upon the Little less conversation video on youtube, and arrived on this page searching for the MTV India video. That video was seriously too good and very well done as an adaptation of the original. The Madhuri dixit style dance was really brilliant.

  3. Hans says:

    i am from europe,and i can receive mt India with a big cband mesh dish!
    i am looking for a mtv india smartcard,for irdeto 2,where i can get this card in india,how much does one year coasts`?
    thanks for information!

  4. august freeman says:

    so…no one got the mtv india video of lil less conversation??? why??

  5. Still nothing haan????

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