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The Book, The Movie, The Awesomeness – A just-out-of-the-cinema-hall review of Shutter Island

I watched Shutter Island this morning. And read the book it is based on this afternoon. I liked both. That’s a first. Ordinarily, it turns out that the one you come across first reeks of awesomeness, and the other always … Continue reading

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The Mandatory Google Buzz Whine

I am totally totally totally peeved with Google Buzz. I hate it like I have hated no other website on the Internet. I think I liked the “Most Irritating Website”  [You’ve seen it and linked a dozen friends to it, … Continue reading

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Plagiarism 2.0 – From Email Fwd to Full-length film

I guess this end of the blogosphere now knows all about the Lavanya Mohan – Charukesh Sekar story. Poor Lavanya, down with Charukesh and Vichar Hari yada yada. I’m surprised only one person has yet accused Lavanya of having her … Continue reading

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Minestrone Soup for the Confused Soul

I’m wondering if anyone still reads this page. It feels like ages since I updated here, and it shows. I’ve a lot more bottled-up emotions, my smile has never been more fake, and even my teenagy angst has given way … Continue reading

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