Mind Dry Dot In – Coming soon to a stage near you.

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Yes, I'm a fangirl too. How can I not be?

Arjun Sharma and Harish Kumar one day found that they could do more productive things with their time than reply to my boring posts. Which is sort of sad since their comments were really nice, funny and to the point.

They went on to make Youtube videos that are really nice, funny, and to the point.

I didn’t know that they did that until when I was killing time between NITK and my first job, and over a period of a week, had friends from Dusseldorf, San Diego, Los Angeles, Austin and College Park send me a link to some Youtube video, which was supposed to be howlarious. I ignored the links (I wasn’t on a very fast connection, and so I could hear them speak like they were Vajpayee… pauses and more pauses between two syllables), until one day I was bored out of my mind.

I ended up watching the video three more times, once because my mother who heard me laughing madly wanted to see what I was laughing about, and then my father, and then my sister. Their fan base seemed to be exponentially increasing. Nice, no?

And then there were these series of videos that demonstrated that they were awesome at parodies. With the in-house Advani-ji and URA and Tiger Prabhakar and CSP… not to forget SPB, Siddhartha Basu, and other towering personalities, they soon made me sit up and take notice. And at around the same time, I realized that these were the folks who used to comment here. More enthu, stemming from the ‘Hey, I know this celebrity… he lives near my house’ factor.

So this bunch of folks are staging yet another of their plays soon. I’ll be missing it, much like I missed their first performance… However as a loyal fangirl, I’ve watched the version 1.0 of this play, Nara-Simha Yudhdham, and I must say I rather liked it. This one promises to be even more funny, insightful and satirical.

Trademark Mindry.In, I’d say. Which stands for first-standard jokes from that irritating uncle at Shamlu-akka’s wedding, in an often satirical, or sophisticated context. Add to that mix Monty Python influences, and Blackadder references, and Fry-and-Laurie style straightMan-funnyMan settings, and there you go. But that’s not where their entire charm comes from…. it’s also that they say what they have to say in Kannada. For long, the only sort of Kannada humour I had been exposed to was Doddanna, Jaggesh, and probably Narasimha Raju and Dwarkish. And maybe innumerable jokes from teachers in my PU College (I went to a CBSE Gult-owned school, and you didn’t often speak Kannada there), but seedless kadlekai jokes weren’t very popular outside. (Nor are my creations I pass off as PJs, but we’ll let that pass for now). So it was quite refreshing to come across some haasya in the language I heard the second-most, that resembled humour in the language I heard the most.

This might sound chauvinistic or whatever, but I can’t imagine really really funny jokes in Hindi, mainly because my idea of humour in Hindi is limited to Bollywood, and for me the best Tamil humour is from Crazy Mohan. And that’s just because that’s the sort of humour I identify with… the sort that someone who follows the memes I follow, the news stories I’m interested in, the customs I practice, the situations I’m normally in, would identify with. Fry And Laurie and Python and Not The Nine O’ Clock News and a few others were my staple in English for precisely these reasons, as were Crazy Mohan’s movies in Tamil… and now, Mindry.in in Kannada. It is humour from folks who grew up in Bangalore, just like me, who spend Sunday evenings watching that talent show hosted by SP Balasubramanyam, who are amazed at the double usage of Sri in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who use expressions like Whatafine, who watch all the funny stuff I watch, who teteer on the same side of the political center, who reminisce about the ’90s

And who are like those pakkadmane hudugas (Guys next door, for the Canarically challenged) who are too modest to speak about themselves, no matter how awesome they are…. and hence here I am writing this plug for them. Come one, come all, do watch this play. There’s something in it for everyone… be it that lame PJ you used to crack up on at age seven, only now, it’s on stage and it’s in such an awesome context, or a sly Blackadder reference, or a homage to Floyd. Bring your Ajji, Ajja, Putta, Putti, Jimmy, Julie… and your Pakkadmane douv also – it’s family-friendly humour they are into, and these likeable lads are the sorts you can take home to your mother.

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12 Responses to Mind Dry Dot In – Coming soon to a stage near you.

  1. Tuna Fish says:

    I remember the time when you passed me that link one jobless day between NITK and my first job.

    It is really amazing the way they capture and satire quirks/nuances in the lives of an average propah Kannadiga in their Mysoor – BengLoor HaLe Kaalad BrahmaNdru mane appaTa kannada. You just cant stop saying “I know this! This is how it is! Man!”

  2. mindry.in says:

    Tumba thanksu nimage for all the kind words you have spoken about us. What a fine you are!

  3. S says:

    Nice (of you to) plug. You had also passed me one of their links when I was at home, and just as in your case, my parents came to see what I was laughing about, so their fan base is certainly likely to increase exponentially. 🙂

  4. Arjun says:

    Wow, this is the most anyone, including ourselves, has spoken about us. Thank you, truly, madly, deeply, sincerely, humbly etc.

    ‘Canarically challenged’ is a nice turn of phrase. I remember this speech by Nehru (yes, I am that old) where he said “….the Assamese, the Canarese, the Malayalis…” and I was put in mind of a bunch of yellow people (like the birds, not the Chinese).

    Yes yes, come one, come all, to our play. Although Wanderlust does us a great service by painting us as wholesome fellows (take home to mom ella swalpa jasti-ne hogaLike aaytu), we aren’t as amazing as she makes us out to be. Which is why, this time, the play is being directed by someone who knows what he’s doing. And he’s bringing his A team, so we shouldn’t have those lengthy pauses between scenes which annoyed Wanderlust greatly the last time.

    I really appreciate the fact that you have put so much of your time into writing this post about our play. Which we haven’t yet done ourselves, shamefully. As The SPB (an icon deserves the definite article) says, Thank you, thank you very much.

    And Crazy Mohan, yes, an all-time favourite. Our family has followed his career from the early stageplay era through the cassette era to the satellite TV era. And I think we can quote his lines better than he can. Him and S Ve Shekhar.

    • wanderlust says:

      i think i was introduced to the word ‘canarese’ by you only.

      i was not ‘annoyed greatly’ by the pauses. i was used to your videos taking time to buffer. aadre if your new director has you folks zooming along like 10MBps broadband, bahaLa santosha.

      as for time put in, i’ll be very standoffish and say i was bored during my spring break and had a bad case of writer’s block and was looking around for a post idea. though, im also amazed at the niceness of the plug. i’m not normally this nice to any artiste. and as for your amazingness, this is an ad, hence i do not draw attention to your un-advani-like inconsistency in posting new videos and your shyness/laziness in publicizing your work.

      (aside: whenever i hear advani (the real one) speak, i’m reminded of ‘NoDdya ma? Consistency!’ line from Swaroop).

  5. Ishwar says:

    What a fine! It was a very good article, but I must first thank Wanderlust for introducing these people to me, I watched their videos straight through the night, I should have known when Priya told they are addictive. Amazing guys and very nice of Priya to have wrote about them..

  6. Arjun says:

    “i think i was introduced to the word ‘canarese’ by you only.”

    Ayyo, sorry-mma, heeg maaDbardittu ninge.

    Oh, we’re artistes, eh? Gottalla, inmele aakasha noDkonDe naDiyodu naavu. Jubba ide, jhola ide, bhujada mele haakkonDu TV debates-ge hogi kootkonDbiDtivi. Harish will take lengthy pauses before saying “Aaa…..samvaidhanik.”

    Houdu, nin odu-baraha ella heg naDeetidiyamma? Odkobeku, gottayta? As GSS would say, dinakke twellaars odbeku.

    • wanderlust says:

      aaha aakasha nododenu… neevella starsu… aakashadalle irtira 😛
      TV debates alli URA impersonation maadteereno? will harish also lapse into long reminisces about the Emergency?

      nann odu-baraha na? odu-typing would be a better description. it feels like ages since i held a pen in my hand. nimdu hege nadeetide? must be nice at blighty, sipping tea and doing the morrising-dancing.

      lol at twellaars.

      • harish says:

        nooru sala odOdu, ondu sala baryOdu erDoo onde ante. So neenu ondu sala iDee text book Odi, nooru sala type maaDu adannE. And consequently you would also have huge amounts of data to mine. Reddy brothers tara mining maaDko bahudu. nODu, hEge, win-win situation-u?

      • wanderlust says:

        data mining ge data na? isro inda chandrayaan data togondu mine maadbeku. so that we can see if there is anything on the moon for reddy brothers to mine.

  7. Arjun says:

    Tea ella sip maaDalla. Yavdo impotent tea kottidare namge, Twinings ante. Ondu satva illa adralli.

    Ivattu rehearse maaDtiddvi. Felt so good saying those ridiculous lines. I will now relapse into Kareena Kapoorspeak and say “I felt like I — I belonged…”

  8. Yeah.. I watched the play this week. . Made my Sunday complete.. Super it was. . Will go again if there’s a repeat. . 🙂

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