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I wonder…

I used to admire people who seemed to have a concrete goal in life. But then, I now realize the futility of specific goals in the longterm. I take decisions only after thorough deliberation, hell lot of thought. And then … Continue reading

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Why this da?

Dear Mahesh, I’m darned if I know why the heck you did yourself in. Really. I pride myself on being resilient, just because I’m from NITK. You being from IITM I’m sure you’re much more resilient to pressure and disappointments. … Continue reading

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Saturn, your friend.

Author’s Note: I’m perfectly fine. I’m not emotionally disturbed. Please don’t get worried. I’m out of my ‘bad’ phase for more than a year now, and this is more like ‘Lessons learnt and not to be forgotten’, than some emotional … Continue reading

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Age is just a number. Just a number.

I had a very bad day. Very bad. I might possibly have ruined my life. No, not in the inappropriate-boyfriend-physical-relations-single-teenaged-mother way. No, actually I haven’t ruined my life. My stupidity might have made me do the best thing I could … Continue reading

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Your impression of people are mercurial. It depends on the how you met, when you met, your mental state, their mental state. It depends on events that took place subsequently, how each event went, who were present there how influential … Continue reading

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An Open Request To Bangalore Mirror: Stop Lifting My Content.

I put in a lot of my life and soul into this blog. That is no secret. I also put in a lot of personal content into this blog. They have in the past led to OMGWTF sort of situations … Continue reading

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